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Jon Stewart Channels Beck

In case you’ve never seen Glenn Beck, this is exactly how he acts. What’s scary is that so many people find him credible – mostly because he’s so good at pushing buttons on paranoia, resentment, and fear.

I can’t watch him, myself. He’s too much like a parody of himself. It saddens me.


Ex-Pat Cracker wonders if Francis grew up to be Rush Limbaugh:

Sign Her Up

Someone needs to give this woman her own TV show. This is a video made by a talented young woman, stranded overnight in the Pittsburgh airport during the recent Snowpocalypse: (h/t Karl)


I haven’t posted anything about this because it’s been everywhere else. But I’d like to note that, in addition to being the top Main Line school district that spawned Kobe Bryant, it’s also the same district about which I once heard a story about parents insisting their child get the “other” kindergarten teacher because three more kids in the graduating class who had her were going to Harvard.

Top 29 Musical Sketches

Huffington Post has gone to the trouble of collecting the best musical sketches. And some of them are not suitable for work, so be warned! (P.S. Only six or seven are actually funny, you’ll have to figure out which ones.)

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