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Brookings report: Trump obstructed justice in Russia probe

The White House counsel reportedly almost resigned over concerns about Trump-Kushner meetings and the Russia probe

What would it take to impeach President Donald Trump? The evidence might be in the public record already. The Brookings Institution, a research group and public policy organization, charged in a paper published Tuesday that Trump obstructed justice when he got in the way of investigations into Russian interference in the presidential election by trying to… Continue Reading →

Stacking the deck in North Carolina


They just can’t win without cheating:

North Carolina Republicans, who have been reprimanded by federal courts for targeting minorities with voter ID restrictions and gerrymandering, passed legislation last week to eliminate primary elections for state judges next year in what critics say is a blatant and brazen attempt to take control of the state’s courts.

Democratic North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed the bill on Monday, but Republicans have a supermajority in the state legislature and can override the governor’s veto.

Rep. David Lewis and Sen. Ralph Hise, Republicans in charge of the elections committees in their respective chambers, issued a statement Monday urging lawmakers to override Cooper’s veto, according to the News and Observer.

The Republican plan has two prongs. Lawmakers are considering new maps for state court districts with a plan that would require many African-American and Democratic judges to run against each other. While that effort has yet to pass the legislature, lawmakers last week passed the separate bill that would, among other things, get rid of primary elections for state judges.

Democratic Rep. Marcia Morey, formerly the chief district judge for Durham County, called the Republican effort a “1-2 punch.”

It’s a start

But we really want to get the man at the top:

Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort are almost sure to be indicted as a result of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election, the Connecticut senator told POLITICO.

“I’m about 99 percent sure there will be some criminal charges from this investigation,” said Blumenthal, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Blumenthal has also served as a U.S. attorney and spent 20 years as his state’s attorney general.

Blumenthal said he is less certain Trump himself would end up facing charges, including for possible obstruction of justice for his firing of FBI Director James Comey.

That’s because it’s not clear that a sitting president can be indicted — at least, on the federal level. (Thank God for Eric Schneiderman.) If he simply reports to Congress and leaves it to them to decide whether to impeach, well, good luck until we get a Democratic majority.

Constitutional law experts: Congress could impeach Trump on these 3 charges


By Jane Chong and Benjamin Wittes Last Tuesday, the New York Times published a foggy story noting that Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell “has mused about whether Trump will be in a position to lead the Republican Party into next year’s elections and beyond.” The time for musing has passed. It’s now time to begin a… Continue Reading →

Oh look, another fake victim of violent liberals

You know how liberals are, always stabbing people and all. I’m sure your conservative family members were already gleefully passing this fake news around, claiming “both sides do it”…

Joshua Witt, 26, told police two weeks ago that he was getting out of his car in the parking lot of a Steak ‘n Shake in Sheridan, Colorado, when a man came over to him and attacked him with a knife.

On Monday, the Sheridan Police Department told BuzzFeed News in a statement that Witt admitted to making the story up after police confronted him with evidence that the attack never took place.

Witt, who posted his claims on Facebook, claimed that a man asked him if he was a neo-Nazi while reaching over his open car door to stab him.

“I was just getting out of my car to go get myself a milkshake and the next thing I hear is ‘You one of them neo-Nazis” as this man is swinging a knife at my head over my car door,” Witt told BuzzFeed News at the time. “I threw my hands up out of natural reflex and then I kind of dived back in my car as the suspect took off running.”

Police became suspicious of his story because surveillance video did not show anyone running from the scene, as Witt had claimed, and because police found and interviewed someone who matched Witt’s description of the attacker, “who is a transient and lives in the area was cleared as a possible suspect.”

They also looked at video from a nearby sporting goods store, which showed Witt buying a small knife minutes before the alleged attack.

This land is your land

The head of the Christian cultural center has left the Advisory Council at the trump

They approve of his “economic priorities”? What, pray tell, are those — other than padding his own pockets?

In another Midwestern state, a group of golfers watched Trump’s Tuesday news conference from the clubhouse of their country club — and vocally expressed their support for him and agreed with his characterization that both sides bore responsibility for the violence that took place in Charlottesville.

A GOP strategist working campaigns in red and purple states said that while support for Trump generally declined slightly since Charlottesville, support rose among his base, after a decline last month because of the failure on health care and revelations about the Russia investigation. This strategist said many Trump supporters applaud the president’s continuing desire to shake up Washington, favor his economic priorities and admire his willingness to speak his mind.

But he said Trump has nonetheless created a longer-term risk. “What he’s doing that’s harmful is he’s removing people from the persuadable audience, and that’s dangerous,” he said. “He’s taken an event where he could have added 5 percent of people to the persuadable universe and [instead] he’s dumped out 10 percent of them.”

It is a very hard time for America. I wish I was more optimistic.

Jeff Sessions releases blank sheet of paper in disclosure form about contacts with Russia


It was a day late but the Justice Department did comply this morning with a federal court order and released part of a security clearance form detailing Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ contacts with foreign governments. The only problem is that it was basically blank – with one exception. According to NPR, the Justice Department released that… Continue Reading →

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