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Trump withdraws unqualified judicial nominee

Thank heavens. This guy was a completely unprepared and unqualified mess — much like Trump:

The nomination of Brett Talley, the Justice Department official in line for a lifetime judicial appointment, “will not be moving forward,” a Trump administration official told NPR Wednesday.

Talley had been rated “unanimously unqualified” for the post by the American Bar Association this year after an evaluation that questioned his experience. Talley had never argued a case, or even a motion, in federal court, he testified.

Even after Talley’s nomination advanced through the Senate Judiciary Committee on an 11-to-9 party-line vote, media reports and good government groups cast doubt on his credentials for the spot on the U.S. District Court in Alabama, along with raising questions about his alleged failures to disclose blog posts and his wife’s work in the Trump White House.

Talley, a Harvard Law School graduate, came to personify a wave of criticism over the Trump administration’s judicial selections.

CNN reporter defies Huckabee Sanders threat, asks Trump about offensive tweet

CNN's Senior White House Correspondent Jim Acosta

During another press pool spray of Trump showing off his autograph, CNN’s Jim Acosta was ignored by Donald when he asked what he meant by his sexually suggestive and offensive tweet to Sen. Gillibrand. As Trump was departing, Acosta asked, “Mr. President, what did you mean when you said that Kirsten Gillibrand would do anything for… Continue Reading →

Senate GOP accidentally killed corporate tax deductions

Republicans are talking about having Jeff Sessions run against embattled GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore

Poor corporations. The moral is, let everyone see the drafts and hold hearings! See what happens when you rush?

This screwup — like most of the tax plan’s oddest features — was born of a math problem. Due to arcane Senate rules, the Trump tax cuts can only add $1.5 trillion to the deficit over the next decade. Last Thursday, the Senate tax bill already cost about that sum, and then McConnell started making expensive promises to his few holdouts. Susan Collins wanted a $10,000 property tax deduction for Americans in high-tax states; Ron Johnson wanted a 23 percent business-income deduction for the company that his family owns. This left the Senate Majority Leader searching under the tax code’s couch cushions for new sources of revenue.

Eventually, he came upon the corporate alternative minimum tax (AMT). At present, most corporations face a 35 percent (statutory) rate on their income. But by availing themselves of various tax credits and deductions, most companies can get their actual rates down far below that figure. To put a limit on just how far, the corporate AMT prevents companies from paying any less than 20 percent on their profits (or, more precisely, on the profits that they fail to hide overseas).

The GOP had originally intended to abolish the AMT. But on Friday, with the clock running out — and money running short — Senate Republicans put the AMT back into their bill. Unfortunately for McConnell, they forgot to lower the AMT after doing so.

This is a big problem. The Senate bill brings the normal corporate rate down to 20 percent — while leaving the alternative minimum rate at … 20 percent. The legislation would still allow corporations to claim a wide variety of tax credits and deductions — it just renders all them completely worthless. Companies can either take no deductions, and pay a 20 percent rate — or take lots of deductions … and pay a 20 percent rate.

With this blunder, Senate Republicans have achieved the unthinkable: They’ve written a giant corporate tax cut that many of their corporate donors do not like.

Trump to staffers: Hide my assignments from Kelly

Secretary Kelly visits aboard USCGC Aspen

President Donald Trump is reportedly giving his staffers secret assignments by calling them to his private residence in the evening and telling them to hide his orders from chief-of-staff John Kelly. After assigning his aides tasks in his living quarters, he tells them to keep his demands from Kelly, several people with knowledge of the interactions told the Wall Street Journal in a new report published on Sunday. Continue Reading →

Angry driver disrupts Donald Trump’s motorcade

President Trump Arrives in Long Island

Donald Trump’s motorcade was disrupted on Saturday, Nov. 25, by a driver in a red van who reportedly cut in and made “obscene gestures and screamed several expletives” at the U.S. president. The incident happened as Trump made his way back to his Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida after spending his morning playing golf at Trump International in West Palm Beach. Continue Reading →

Trump: I didn’t say all those things everyone heard me say in the Access Hollywood tape

Former reality show star Donald Trump has repeatedly refused to be held responsible for the words that come out of his own mouth, even when it’s on tape. For example, the infamous Access Hollywood tape in which he suggests that because he’s powerful, he can just grab women by their p-ssies. Trump defended sexual harasser and… Continue Reading →

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