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Intel expert: Trump ‘one step away from treason’

Could a 14 year old hack Podesta emails?- #JohnBarryMiller

Malcolm Nance took to Twitter today to slam Donald Trump after the torrent of love from Trump to Julian Assange and Putin. 1. Held my suspicions but now convinced Trump is fully aware that both Russian intelligence & Assange elected him. Praise=Pay back. – Malcolm Nance (@MalcolmNance) January 4, 2017 2. Trump was an unwitting Russian… Continue Reading →

Obama orders sanctions against Russia in response to hacking

'Putin Suriye'ye Çeçen Tugayı gönderdi'

Washington (dpa) – US President Barack Obama orders sanctions against Russia in response to the Russian government’s “aggressive harassment of US officials and cyber operations” aimed at the US election. A White House statement says the sanctions are against nine entities and individuals, including two Russian intelligence services and three companies that provided material support to… Continue Reading →

These are the courts we have

court of appeals

And it’s only going to get worse:

Just when you thought that the Hillary Clinton email saga was over, a new development surfaced on Tuesday by way of a federal appellate judge’s ruling. Judge Stephen Williams of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled in favor of conservative groups Judicial Watch and Cause of Action in their lawsuits against the State Department over whether or not enough was done to try to restore Clinton’s missing emails. After it looked like the lawsuits had been squashed, the appeals court revived them.

In January, a District Court judge had thrown out the lawsuits with the reasoning that both the State Department and National Archives had put in a “sustained effort” to recover the emails. In his ruling Williams wrote that this wasn’t enough. “The Department has not explained why shaking the tree harder – e.g., by following the statutory mandate to seek action by the Attorney General – might not bear more still,” he said. “Absent a showing that the requested enforcement action could not shake loose a few more emails, the case is not moot.”

As a result, Williams feels that it’s “abundantly clear that, in terms of assuring government recovery of emails, [Judicial Watch has] not ‘been given everything [they] asked for.’”

And why does Judicial Watch care? Because they’re anti-Clinton vandals, and have been from the time they were founded, and the D.C. Circuit has been complicit in more right-wing cases than I can count. This is why I don’t care how much money the Clintons made. I knew they would need it eventually as the result of more frivolous, partisan lawsuits. Stay tunes.

Lawyer: No probable cause in Clinton search warrant


The search warrant that gave FBI agents access to a cache of Hillary Clinton emails just nine days before the recent presidential election was unsealed Tuesday. It shows that FBI agents obtained the warrant by telling a federal judge they believed the emails contained classified information that broke the law. “There is probable cause to believe… Continue Reading →

War with Russia isn’t the issue. Treason is.

Dear President the United States Mr. Donald Trump , First Lady Mrs. Melania Trump ,Dear Vice President Mr.Mike Pence and Senate Majority Mr. Mitch McConnell

After reading through a lot of the comments on my post about the various pointers to the obvious; namely, that Russia’s hacks were done with a mind to tilt the election toward Trump with Mitch McConnell’s blessing, I see some are misconstruing the emergency here. This is not about war with Russia. It’s about treasonous acts… Continue Reading →

FBI based potential Clinton Foundation case on debunked right-wing book

Secret Recordings Fueled FBI Feud in Clinton Probe

The FBI was reportedly trying to build an investigation into the Clinton Foundation around claims made in a right-wing book riddled with errors written by a Republican activist with a history of bogus reporting. The author’s organization is headed by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign chief executive and is funded by one of Trump’s top… Continue Reading →

In the Supreme Court battle, will GOP senators argue that Clinton wasn’t really elected?

Mitch McConnell

A Politico story notes the possibility that a Republican Senate might continue to maintain a Supreme Court blockade if Hillary Clinton is elected president — with no registered objections so far from Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: A spokesman for McConnell pointed to comments made a month ago, when the GOP leader declined to speculate on how… Continue Reading →

Harry Reid writes a letter

AFSP-2016 1287

To James Comey:

The double standard established by your actions is clear.

In my communications with you and other top officials in the national security community, it has become clear that you possess explosive information about close ties and coordination between Donald Trump, his top advisors, and the Russian government – a foreign interest openly hostile to the United States, which Trump praises at every opportunity. The public has a right to know this information. I wrote to you months ago calling for this information to be released to the public. There is no danger to American interests from releasing it. And yet, you continue to resist calls to inform the public of this critical information.

By contrast, as soon as you came into possession of the slightest innuendo related to Secretary Clinton, you rushed to publicize it in the most negative light possible.

There you go.

Oh, the Clinton health conspiracies are in full swing now


It’s been really hot here, the past several days. When I went out the other day to retrieve my trash cans (we’re talking less than a minute, maybe 15 feet from my front door), it was so hot and humid, I actually felt faint. That’s the first time that ever happened to me.

Now, imagine standing outside in that heat and humidity for an hour — wearing a suit. I look at Clinton wearing those outfits (and probably a bullet-proof vest), and all I can think about is how hot she must be, and how much she must be sweating.

So when she left the 9/11 memorial yesterday because she felt overheated, I wasn’t surprised.

Then I saw this from a few weeks ago that popped up in my Twitter feed:

Now, he makes some assumptions here. I’m sure if Clinton notices any cognitive symptoms, she goes to her doctor. I’m pretty sure she has access to the best medical care.

But what he says here is just careless, and feeds the conspiracy machine. Football players almost always lose cognitive function from repeated brain trauma. The effects of concussion are cumulative. While it does happen that one concussion causes long-term loss of function, that probably has more to do with undertreatment. Unless you live in an urban center, you probably don’t have access to brain injury specialists. Clinton did.

The Trump people, of course, want us to think otherwise — which is why they’ve been spreading rumors about her health for weeks.

Which maybe distracts from all the questions about the sociopath who’s running on the Republican ticket.

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