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Penthouse might have proof of Russian ShowerGate

Bromance indeed!

Adult magazine Penthouse has received three claims for its $1 million offer to anyone who could provide real tapes of President-elect Donald Trump’s alleged and unproven sexual escapades at the Ritz-Carlton in Moscow, the publication’s editor exclusively revealed to International Business Times Thursday. Penthouse editor Raphie Aronowitz said the magazine isn’t conducting a “witch hunt,” but… Continue Reading →

Carl Bernstein: Kellyanne Conway is a ‘propaganda minister’

#Adolf Hitler gives a speech to supporters on the campaign trail during the 1932 German federal elections, which the Nazi Party led with 37% of the vote. (Behind him are Joseph Goebbels and Hermann Goering) [1090x770] #history #retro #vintage #dh #History

I’d love it if every single cable host didn’t gush over her, for starters:

Whoa. The gloves are off at CNN. This panel followed Anderson Cooper’s interview with Kellyanne Conway in which she lied and complained bitterly about media coverage of Trump and particularly the whole golden shower-gate thing. Carl Bernstein is really done with Kellyanne Conway. CARL BERNSTEIN: Let’s talk about what reporting is. It’s the best obtainable version… Continue Reading →

Deja vu: The Villagers are clutching their pearls again


My goodness, the Villagers were so upset about yesterday’s news about Donald Trump and his very special relationships with Russia and their sex workers. Can you guess what had them so upset? I knew you could!

They were upset that Buzzfeed published the original intelligence report.

Where to begin? First of all, a BBC reporter announced today he verified the story with a CIA source –and I’ve since heard more details about what kind of additional dirt the Russians are said to have on Trump. (If you’ve seen the pictures of Trump with young Ivanka on his lap, you can probably guess.)

Chris Matthews, who spoke at great length about the many possible crimes Hillary Clinton may have committed after James Comey released his last-minute letter, is in high dudgeon over Buzzfeed publishing the memo. Because journalism, damn it!

Well, just like with 2003 and the run-up to the Iraq invasion, journalism isn’t doing a goddamned thing to stand up to this creature. Once again, the dirty fucking hippies will do the dirty work and we not only won’t get any thanks, we’ll be ripped to shreds over it.

Must be time for another blogger ethics panel!

‘Switch to C-SPAN’

And other things you should do to hold Washington accountable this year.

Here are three steps to claiming your power:

STEP 1: #SwitchToCSPAN
The absolute most important thing you can do in the next few weeks is change the channel — not just your television or monitor, but every TV you see: in the doctor’s waiting room, in the hotel lobby, in the office, in the cafeteria.
Remember when it seemed like everyone watched the presidential debates? If the nomination hearings garner even a fraction of that attention, we will have better, more accountable government in the years ahead.

STEP 2: Shout it from the rooftops
Tweet about it. Post about it. Talk about it: whatever you are seeing, whatever you have questions about. The important thing is that you join a chorus of making it known that the American people are paying attention to Congress.

We at POPVOX will be doing our part to spread the word: sharing hearing schedules, live-tweeting hearings, posting clips, and providing a weekly wrap-up in our newsletter, Gavel Down.

STEP 3: Tell your lawmakers what you think
As you spend time listening to the nominees and the questions, some may inspire confidence, some may concern you. Your two senators have a vote on every nomination and they will take your input into account, especially if it’s clear that you have been paying attention to the actual process, not just reacting to the sound byte of the day. Use POPVOX to weigh in on the nominations and tell your friends to do the same.

Report: Murdoch is advising Trump on FCC picks. God help us.

Apparently, in Right-Wing Billionaire World, two television networks (FNC and FBN) devoted to promoting conservative causes is not a big enough thumb on the scale of democracy. From Gabriel Sherman: According to a well-placed source, Trump has asked Murdoch to submit names for FCC Chairman. Murdoch, another source said, also wants conditions put on the AT&T-Time… Continue Reading →

Matthew Dowd does an oopsy

(Update Note: Mr. Dowd has now deleted his original tweets because transparency and accountability bitches! However, thanks to the miracle of screenshot technology I have preserved them here for posterity.) I think the word that ABC’s chief political analyst is struggling not to say is “uppity”. uppity (adj.) – self-important; arrogant. Because here are a couple… Continue Reading →

Mark the date

Joe Scarborough launches into furious, days-long tweetstorm after reporter suggests he 'partied' with Trump

This one time, I’m actually going to agree with Joe Scarborough on this one thing:

To many political journalists, Scarborough and Brzezinski’s presence at Mar-A-Lago confirmed their suspicions: The co-hosts were far too cozy with Trump, trading favorable coverage for access. Scarborough had made no secret of his long friendship with Trump, or even that he occasionally gave him political advice, and now critics say he and Brzezinski were enjoying the perks of that friendship.

Even Chuck Todd, the NBC News political director and moderator of “Meet The Press,” sent out a tweet that was widely interpreted as being directed at Scarborough: “It really stinks to watch others continue help ruin the reputation of your industry,” he wrote. After Scarborough responded, Todd tweeted again: a link to a video of the song “Let It Go.”

Scarborough sees what he does differently: For generations, he says, journalists from Ben Bradlee to Andrea Mitchell have had friendships and social relationships with the politicians they cover, and many political reporters have drinks, dinners and other off-the-record meetings with politicians and political operatives. The only reason Scarborough has been targeted, he says, is because the politician in this case was Donald Trump.

Read the rest for a more detailed explanation.

But he’s right. This is just one more instance of something that’s been going on for a very long time, the reason Digby wrote her famous post on The Village. For some reason, Scarborough seems to have hit a nerve with his ass-kissing, so who knows? Maybe news orgs will stop kissing Trump’s behind.

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