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Eric Trump: The DOJ should investigate ‘crimes by Clinton’ instead of my daddy

Eric Trump desvió recursos de fundación para cáncer… ¡a su padre!: Forbes

Donald Trump has spent about a week raging about Attorney General Jeff Sessions while also targeting others in his Twitter timeline. The former reality show star has been cyberbullying his own AG because he recused himself from the probe into whether the Trump administration colluded with Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign. Sessions did that after… Continue Reading →

Conservatives push for civil war against liberals

A Visit to the Infowars Studios of Alex Jones
Evil and stupid:

Would you go to war against your fellow Americans to show your support for President Donald Trump? For the last several months, that’s exactly what broadcaster Alex Jones—a favorite of the president—has been calling for.

In his radio show, on YouTube and on his Infowars website, Jones—who never met a conspiracy theory he didn’t like and who has pushed the notion that Sandy Hook was faked—has been announcing that the United States is on the verge of a bloody second civil war. Like the radio DJs in Rwanda, Jones has been egging on his conservative listeners and viewers—an estimated 2.7 million people monthly—to kill more liberal fellow citizens over their political differences.

Jones is hardly alone in promoting this scary, emerging narrative on the right. The theme gained momentum after the shooting at the congressional baseball game last month. The day before the attack, on June 13, right wing broadcaster Michael Savage, host of syndicated show The Savage Nation, warned that “there’s going to be a civil war” because of “what this left-wing is becoming in this country.” After the baseball field shooting the next day, he said that he “know[s] what’s coming, and it’s going to get worse.” Savage also said of the shooting that “this blood is on [Democrats’] hands.”

After the shooting, Newt Gingrich opined on Fox that “we are in a clear-cut cultural civil war.” Former GOP speechwriter Pat Buchanan wrote that the appointment of a special prosecutor and political street clashes presage a “deep state media coup” and that the nation is “approaching something of a civil war,” and it’s time for Trump to “burn down the Bastille.”

But few commentators can match the relentless hysteria and reach of Jones. His recent YouTube video titles telegraph the tone: “Get Ready For CIVIL WAR!” and “First Shots Fired in Second US Civil War! What Will You Do?” and “Will Trump Stop Democrats’ Plan for Violent Civil War?”

Jones’s followers have already turned broadcaster words into violent action. Last year, Edgar Maddison Welch drove from North Carolina to Washington, D.C., to fire on a pizza restaurant Jones had been saying was a front for Democratic pedophiles and Satanists. Court records indicate he had been talking to his friends about Jones’s theories before he went on his mission. In 2014, a right-wing couple, self-described Infowars fans Jerad and Amanda Miller from Indiana, killed two police officers after posting screeds on Infowars. Jones later theorized that the shooting was a false flag intended to discredit the right.

Media Matters for America (MMA), a progressive research organization, has staff assigned to track Jones Infowars shows daily. According to spokesman Nate Evans, right-wing media has been advocating violence more since Trump was elected, but Jones “has been particularly crazy about it.”

Breitbart editor: The goal is the ‘full destruction and elimination of the entire mainstream media’

Steve Bannon Meme

Right Wing Watch reports that at this week’s Phyllis Schlafly Collegians D.C. Summit, Breitbart’s D.C. political editor Matt Boyle boasted that his publication’s goal is to completely destroy and eliminate the “mainstream media,” leaving Breitbart and other right wing sites as the only news sources.

“The goal eventually is the full destruction and elimination of the entire mainstream media,” Boyle said. “We envision a day where CNN is no longer in business; we envision a day where The New York Times closes its doors. I think that day is possible, I think that we can get there.”

“But when that happens,” he added, “the public still needs an information stream. And again, as much as we love Trump’s Twitter account, as much as we love the White House press releases and briefings and all that, there needs to be an independent and strong media in the United States, and that’s where we come in.”

I can’t tell you how weird it is, to have been tracking these right-wing extremists like the Mercers (who fund Breitbart) for so long, and to see their dreams being realized under Trump. And when people like me wrote about it, we were called “paranoid” and “shills.”

Breitbart Editor: The Goal Is The ‘Full Destruction And Elimination Of The Entire Mainstream Media’

‘Devil’s Bargain’ might not be such a bargain

The book is called “Devil’s Bargain: Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, and the Storming of the Presidency,” and it’s getting quite the big media push these days.

I wasn’t planning to buy it, but I heard author Joshua Green interviewed on Radio Times yesterday afternoon, and it did sound pretty interesting.

But then, all of a sudden, it didn’t.

The part where I so suddenly lost interest was when Green started talking about Peter Schweizer’s “Clinton Cash,” which was Bannon’s idea. He thought if he could push a book attacking the Clinton’s on a “factual” basis, it would get picked up by the mainstream media. He said how well that part of the plan worked, but they couldn’t figure out why it didn’t have any real impact.

Now, if I’m a writer, and I’m asking that question, I’m going to go do some research.

You see, the reason the “factual” book didn’t take off was because…. it was thoroughly debunked and if anything, was the opposite of factual! That was the problem.

I wrote about the Clinton Cash at Crooks & Liars, and you can read refresh your memory here, here, here, here, here and here.

Green is a Bloomberg reporter, and spent six years of his life on this book. Most of what I heard him say sounded intriguing. But it’s hard to take a book seriously when the author misses something so important, so I think I’ll just borrow it from the library.

Watch Kurt Eichenwald’s righteous rant against Fox

kurt chatting_0086

Fox “Democrat” Tamara Holder told Joy Reid this morning that Fox “gets things right” because their viewers really just care about jobs and the economy. Newsweek senior writer Kurt Eichenwald was having none of it. “I think her point was ridiculous,” Eichenwald said. “We’re talking about a situation seems like nobody understands what happened –certainly not… Continue Reading →

Meghan McCain: Pence lied on Russia contacts


On Fox News’ Outnumbered, Meghan McCain bashed Trump officials, including Mike Pence for lying to the American people for their repeated denials over meeting with people connected to the Russian government during the campaign. After former Bush White House press secretary Ari Fleischer tried to downplay the Trump Jr. emails that prove a willingness to collude… Continue Reading →

John Oliver reveals invasive idiocy of Sinclair Broadcast Group

Sinclair Broadcast Group: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Americans tend to trust local news outlets -including their regional TV stations – more than national news. Even in this era of media consolidation and ideological silos, local television reporters often perform important services and provide vital investigative journalism. Which is why, as John Oliver explains, the increasing control of local TV by outfits like the… Continue Reading →

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