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Chuck Todd: It’s becoming hard to ignore Trump’s conflict of interests anymore


“And God knows, I tried!”

On MTP Daily this week, Chuck Todd offered a scathing take down of Trump’s continued conflicts of interest in this amazing clip…using Trump’s own words against him. Remember when Trump on the campaign trail accused Hillary Clinton of “pay for play”? Allowing access to her family because they gave her family foundation tons of money? Well… Continue Reading →

O’Reilly’s out

Special Preview of Bill O'Reilly's next book! #billoreilly #foxnews #nospinzone #sexualharrassmemt #memesdaily #memestagram #humor #funny #photoshop #photoshopfun

O’Reilly OUT at Fox. BREAKING: Bill O’Reilly OUT – Dylan Byers (@DylanByers) April 19, 2017 Gabriel Sherman interviewed by phone today on MSNBC. Some highlights: This is a fast moving story. Murdoch family is engaged in severence talks with O’Reilly. Rupert Murdoch resisted firing O’Reilly as a profit center for the network. Rupert’s son James… Continue Reading →

Berkeley protesters didn’t ‘riot’: They were sabotaged by alt-white terrorists

Well now, this was some protest, did you hear about it??  White Supremacist Caught on Video Sucker Punching a Woman at Berkeley Protest

The media reports Berkeley Protesters “clashed” with “Trump supporters” during Saturday’s Tax Day rally. That’s less than half the story. And sure enough, Reuters reports: A melee erupted on Saturday in a Berkeley, California park where supporters and opponents of President Donald Trump were holding competing rallies, resulting in at least 20 arrests as police struggled… Continue Reading →

Anchor to Spicer: ‘Admit that Trump is never going to release his tax returns’


White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on Monday revealed that President Donald Trump would not release his 2016 tax returns because they were already under “routine” audit. The day before most Americans must file their taxes, the White House press corps pushed Spicer to explain when Trump would share his tax returns. “Presumably, they are not… Continue Reading →

Tom Friedman wants MOAR strife in Middle East

Tom Friedman answers Amy Liu's questions during book discussion at Brookings.

Ah…where would we be in a Middle East crisis without the Moustache of Understanding? Tom “Six Months To Turn A Corner” Friedman is clearly quite disappointed at the toothlessness of Trump’s strike against the Syrian airfield, telling This Week host George Stephanopoulos, “[Secretary of State Rex Tillerson] also made clear was that right now this administration… Continue Reading →

Bill O’Reilly is suddenly radioactive to advertisers

Bill O'Reilly; Fox News; Best Selling Author; 1944-

And it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!

An advertiser boycott against Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly picked up dramatic speed Tuesday in a ­rapid-fire reaction to the news that the outspoken host has been the subject of a succession of sexual-harassment allegations over the past 15 years.

At least 11 companies, including leading car, financial and pharmaceutical advertisers, confirmed that they had pulled ads or planned to shift upcoming ads away from “The O’Reilly Factor” in the wake of reports that O’Reilly and Fox had settled five complaints made by women who have worked with him at the news network since 2002.

Collectively the advertiser retreat, which seemed to grow in a chain reaction throughout the day, represented the most significant threat to O’Reilly seen during his long, successful and occasionally controversy-riven career at Fox. A similar but slower retreat by advertisers led to the demise of Glenn Beck’s highly rated Fox program amid boycott calls by African Americans and Jewish groups in 2011.

Among the companies that confirmed they were suspending or removing ads from his program were the automakers Hyundai, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Mitsubishi Motors; financial firms T. Rowe Price and Allstate Insurance; drugmakers Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline; plus Ainsworth Pet Nutrition, the online marketing company Constant Contact and men’s apparel seller Untuckit. The list continued to grow late in the day; by early evening, CNN had pegged the number of companies pulling their ads at 18.

How a teacher taught his 5th graders to spot fake news

This is a great story. I’d love to see more grownups follow these rules! It’s difficult, I still get caught sometimes. But this helps:

To make sure I wouldn’t have any student in the same situation as Andy ever again, I started asking my students to examine seven different elements of a news article. If the information checks out on each of these points, it has a high likelihood of being accurate. Still, passing the test is not a guarantee that it’s fact.

  1. Copyright: I always ask students to check the bottom of the webpage to see if the information has been submitted for ownership.
  2. Verification with multiple sources: Students must double check the information on a few different web pages. Like in a trial, the more corroborating witnesses, the more likely the truth will be discovered.
  3. Credibility of source, such as between versus a random unknown source: I tell them to check if the source has been recently created. Sources that have been around for a while can show reliability over time and be tested by hindsight, whereas recently created sources don’t carry much of a track record.
  4. Date published: I always ask them to check how recently the page was updated to see how current the information is and whether anything has changed.
  5. Author’s expertise and background with the subject: Students should check if the author is someone who has dedicated time and effort to learning this subject. For example, a university professor typically has increased credibility versus a hobbyist.
  6. Does it match your prior knowledge: I ask them if the information matches up with what they have learned before
  7. Does it seem realistic: I tell students to use their common sense. Does something seem authentic or probable?

Chris Matthews urges a no vote for Neil Gorsuch; gives the perfect reason


Chris Matthews gets on our nerves many times with some of his pseudo-progressive positions. But he got this one right and explained what many of us have been attempting to explain since Neil Gorsuch’s nomination. And this is why everything at Democrats’ disposal must be used to prevent Trump from picking Antonin Scalia’s replacement. Chris Matthews:… Continue Reading →

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