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On the road again

New Jersey Turnpike

Checked the oil and the coolant, put in some more wiper fluid and I’m headed to New York today to see my adorable grandson. So if any big stories break, they will have to wait until I get home.

Hopefully the car and I make it back in one piece!

Public service announcement


This is the optimal week to get a flu shot. Your insurance probably covers it, and you can go to any local chain drugstore.

I’ve gotten a flu shot every year since that time about 15 years ago the flu turned into bronchitis, and then to pneumonia. God, did that suck. I couldn’t work for a month, and I was so, so sick. Plus, I hated that freaky crackling noise your lungs make when they’re under water. I never want to go through that again.

So I’m motivated. You may not be. But if you are someone who doesn’t have a problem with flu shots, go get it soon. I’ve already heard of three cases of flu in the past month, and it sounds like a bad one.

Almost four days


No watching the news, no checking email, no deadlines, no phone calls. I got to sit and watch a thunderstorm, breathe salt air, eat fresh tomatoes from a garden. It was glorious!

I really needed that.

Fervent thanks to Boohunney and Ron, who held the ship upright until I got back.

And thanks for the donations. Thanks to all your generosity, I can breathe until that check finally comes in. How do people even survive these days?

My life in hospitals

Front desk

I didn’t get any sleep at all Tuesday night, because I had this throbbing pain in my calf and I began to worry it was a blood clot.

But I had to work Wednesday morning, and then I was supposed to drive to a friend’s house for a few days off. Instead, I spent several hours in Penn’s emergency room. They finally said they couldn’t find anything on the ultrasound, but my blood test came back positive. So I’m supposed to have a followup.

I’m not all that worried, because I quickly came across research showing a high false-positive test in people over 60.

The guy who took my blood told me he voted for Gary Johnson. “I really wanted Bernie, and I hate Hillary. No way was I voting for her,” he said.

“You’re voting as if we have a parliamentary system. You handed your vote to Trump,” I said, testy.

“That’s what we need: a third party,” he said.

“And how do we do that without a constitutional convention, which is exactly what the Kochs and the Mercers want?” I said. “Most states are controlled by Republicans. You have no fucking idea what harm that could do.” I could feel my blood boil.

That why I’m off to a friend’s house today, and I am going to try to unplug for a few days. Boohunney and Ron will be filling in, so be good and don’t wreck the place while I’m gone. No keggers!

Bridging the gap

Help! I’m still just a teensy bit short ($150) of having enough money to bridge the gap and pay my health insurance until my first Social Security check. (10 more days!) If you can help, I’d appreciate it.

Fun with dating

Market St., Harrisburg, PA. USA (1955)

One of my friends went on a date last night.

“How was it?” I said.

She had some nitpicky things to say before she got to the good part. “He told me his wife died, and I said I was sorry. Then I asked when she died. Guess how long?”

“Two weeks?” I said.

“Close. Three months. His wife was an alcoholic who drank herself to death. He started talking about when she was dying, how she was projectile-vomiting blood ‘and it was coming out her bottom, too.’ ”

I couldn’t stop laughing. “Sounds charming,” I said. “So you’re saying it wasn’t a match made in heaven.”


The perfect gift

John Amato, my boss at C&L, got me an electric fly swatter. I am forever in his debt.

It makes that really satisfying “zap!” noise when you get one. I wonder if it works on mice?


Thanks to your kind generosity, I am caught up on almost everything until my Social Security check comes in — but not my internet ($252), my Obamacare payment, and not much left for food. (I’ll miss the internet payment by THREE DAYS, and since I’m already behind, I’ll get cut off.)

So if you have anything left to spare, please throw me a few bucks. Once I get that check, I’m good. This is an embarrassing cash flow shortage.


Thanks to everyone who’s donated so far. As I said, I haven’t found full-time work, or even enough freelance work. (I have a part-time gig at C&L for now.) And I’ve gone through almost every dollar I saved from last year, which was supposed to pay my taxes. I’ll worry about that later.

I met with Social Security today and I won’t see a check for about two months. In the meantime: Help! Help! I’m really worried! Not for the long run, but until I get that first check.

So please donate whatever you can to tide me over. I’d really appreciate it.

Who knew?

・・・ IS YOUR PIRIFORMIS FLARING UP YOUR BACK? [back pain advice] . This muscle, if cramped 😖😫 will compress on the sciatic nerve and cause you to have pain that may radiate down your leg ⚡️ . This condition is called piriformis sy

That a simple piriformis muscle could be such a literal pain in the ass? I’m in agony.

That’s why I laugh when people act like workers who do manual labor are the only ones with broken bodies. If you saw the kind of armor I have to put on just to get through another day of blogging, you wouldn’t believe it. (Right now, I’m wearing a cervical collar and elastic gloves.)

And I’m not the only one. Plus, so many of my blogger friends have autoimmune diseases that they didn’t have when they took on this stressful way of life.

Just sayin’!

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