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Lumber Liquidators to pay $36M to settle lawsuits over toxic flooring

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Lumber Liquidators has agreed to pay $36 million to settle two class-action lawsuits that accused the company of selling flooring with dangerous levels of toxins between 2009 and mid-2015. The largest specialty retailer of hardwood flooring in North America was taken to task during a 60 Minutes expose in 2015 for selling Chinese-manufactured laminate flooring that contained close to 20 times the amount of formaldehyde allowable by law. Continue Reading →

How to shoot the best video on your smartphone

Someone’s already showing off the iPhone X out in the wild

Release your inner Spielberg. Lights, camera, phone. We all wield the miniature computers in our pockets to shoot endless photos…but what about video? While many of us do capture clips—spurred by improving camera quality, increased storage capacity, and the rise of “stories” formats on platforms like Snapchat and Instagram—the quality of these videos still tends… Continue Reading →

Public service announcement


This is the optimal week to get a flu shot. Your insurance probably covers it, and you can go to any local chain drugstore.

I’ve gotten a flu shot every year since that time about 15 years ago the flu turned into bronchitis, and then to pneumonia. God, did that suck. I couldn’t work for a month, and I was so, so sick. Plus, I hated that freaky crackling noise your lungs make when they’re under water. I never want to go through that again.

So I’m motivated. You may not be. But if you are someone who doesn’t have a problem with flu shots, go get it soon. I’ve already heard of three cases of flu in the past month, and it sounds like a bad one.

Permanently delete files from any device


Send your trash beyond the point of no return. Make sure your files have well and truly disappeared. David Nield/Popular Science When you delete a file from your computer, it doesn’t simply disappear from existence—at least, not right away. Even if you immediately empty the Recycle Bin or Trash folder, all your deletion does is earmark… Continue Reading →

So you want a manual transmission?

Just looking through the social media this morning and a friend posted this article. It is a guide to car models that a manual transmission is available.

I used to drive manual transmission exclusively. Then, when I was in sales in Downtown Atlanta, I bought a car with an automatic. It was nice not having to change gears in traffic.

There are some pretty sporty models. So, for you stick shift fans, here you go!

5 ways Trump mentally tortures us now


“I had more people crying in my office the day after the election than honestly I’ve had since the day after 9/11,” Dan Hartman, a Philadelphia-based psychiatrist, told about his patients’ reactions to Donald Trump becoming president. Four months in, the wounds are still fresh, and the Trump administration, with its trampling of rights, unending… Continue Reading →

Walking in a winter wonderland increases accident risks

Keep "Walking"

I don’t know if this is going to apply this year where I live, but it might be useful to you:

The recent winter weather that rolled through North Carolina left an icy mess in its wake, and as a recent report aired on WNCT9 reminds us, that ice can make even a simple activity like walking dangerous.

Officials urged everyone to stay home and off the roads during the storm and its aftermath, resulting in the closure of many schools and businesses. Even as things began to return to normal, people raised concerns about the condition of roads and sidewalks. Although major streets were cleared, the majority of side streets were still not cleared or treated and were very dangerous to navigate.

East Carolina University college students were interviewed for the report, and they expressed concern over the still treacherous conditions of the roads in the area, in particular, the areas around 10th Street.

Many students who live in apartments in that area and walk to classes voiced concern about the increased risks of slipping and falling on ice, not only on the sidewalks they travel on to get to campus, but they were also concerned about the condition of the walkways on the campus itself.

Situations like these often raise the question of who exactly is responsible when a person sustains injuries from slipping and falling on ice. Can a slip and fall victim sue the property owner for damages for those injuries?

In most states, the answer to that question is pretty clear – yes, the victim can sue the property owner if they are injured because they slipped on an icy area on the property.

In North Carolina, however, the answer is not so clear because this state has a section in its personal injury statutes called “contributory negligence.” This means that even if a victim is only 1 percent at fault for their fall, they are barred from suing the property owner.

What types of behavior or activity would be considered contributory negligence in a slip and fall accident?

If a victim was talking on their phone or looking at something that was going on across the street as they were walking, the courts could consider that contributory negligence because the victim was not paying attention. Walking too fast when they fell could also be another reason the court would consider the victim was partly at fault for the fall.

Personal injury attorney Ben Whitley commented, “If you are injured in a slip and fall accident, there are important steps you should take such as documenting details about the environment your fall took place in and obtaining the names of any witnesses to the incident. You should also contact the property owner right away.”

With a few more winter months ahead of us, the chances are great that there will be more stormy weather to contend with. Greenville’s Vidant Medical Center has seen an increase in the number of patients who have been injured in falls and offers the following safety tips when dealing with icy conditions:

  • Make sure to wear the appropriate footwear. Ideally, wear shoes or boots which have traction on the soles that can grip. Footwear with smooth soles increase the risk of slipping;
  • Walk slowly and take smaller steps than you usually do;
  • Keep hands out of your pockets to help maintain your balance. If there are handrails, use them. Try to avoid toting or carrying heavy items; and
  • When you are getting in our out of a vehicle, use it to support yourself.

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