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Pussy power fights back


Lovely piece by Joan Walsh that made me feel I was there:

The incredible march turnout was restorative to me—especially the robust presence of men, I have to say. No one can quantify the extent to which a misogynist backlash hurt Hillary Clinton, and no one wants to talk about it—male or female—lest it lead us to conclude we shouldn’t run another woman for about 100 years. But there’s no denying that discomfort with social change, and with the evolving and increasingly powerful role of women, drove the Trump campaign. “No one cherishes women more than I do,” he told us. And then on that Access Hollywood video he said he could “grab them by the pussy.” That’s the patriarch’s dream—protect the ones who are yours, defile the ones who aren’t, and don’t let any of them—have autonomy and power. Because at some primal level, they are afraid we have all the power—“pussy power!,” as many signs read (and as those waves of pink hats signified). We are fighting something old and deep and powerful, and a lot of men—from billionaires to scrubs, including scrubs who are billionaires, like Trump—are fighting back.

On Saturday, we showed them who we are, and we showed ourselves, too. Even Chait acknowledged it was important in New York magazine—“Don’t let anyone tell you the marches didn’t matter”—although he couldn’t bring himself to actually say what the marches were about, or who organized them.

That’s OK. We know the marches mattered. And we know why. I’ll never forget what it felt like when I realized the marchers were everywhere; I couldn’t leave them if I wanted to. They were walking me all the way home, which is all we can do for one another in this world.


Women’s March draws bigger crowds than inauguration

A half-million in D.C., and more than 600 marches in 60 countries around the world:

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The best way to stop Trump

Moral Monday rally in Harrisburg 9.12.16

Is at the local level. Joy Reid is exactly right, the important organizing has to happen on the local level, especially with the upcoming state races in 2018.

But those waiting for the Republican-dominated Congress to restore the protections of the Voting Rights Act will wait in vain. Better to get cracking on the 36 governor’s races, in states like Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Nevada and Florida; even Arizona and Texas; plus the two contests in 2017, in Virginia and New Jersey, plus the many secretaries of state up for election too. Because the party that holds the governor’s mansion and the office of secretary of state holds the key to elections—to whether provisional ballots are counted or tossed; whether and how voter ID laws are enacted and enforced; and whether polling places and working machines will be fairly distributed or doled out on the basis of partisan advantage.

Republicans have made it clear that wherever they hold the reigns of state power, they will do almost anything to limit the right of Democratic-leaning populations to vote. After January 20, who’s to stop them? Certainly not a Justice Department headed by Jefferson Beauregard Sessions.

Rev. William Barber, president of the North Carolina NAACP, and fellow activists in the state have shown progressives the meaning of hope. They succeeded in 2016 where the Clinton campaign failed—tossing out the governor (though Republican Pat McCrory is still refusing to concede), flipping the attorney generals’ office and putting a black justice on the state’s Supreme Court. This may yet enable Democrats to rescue healthcare and voting rights in the state.

Defeating McCrory also opens to the door to vetoing ugly legislation like HB-2, which not only assaulted the dignity of trans citizens, it cost the state billions of dollars in revenue from the NBA and other businesses and organizations who shunned the state, while also eviscerating the right of municipalities to raise their minimum wage.

Governors and state legislators hold the power to protect and defend public schools from Betsy De Vos-style privatization; state colleges and teachers unions from Scott Walker-style defunding and attacks on their pensions and healthcare; and public and sacred Native American land from the federal, taxpayer-funded giveaways to drillers, frackers and developers that are surely coming under Trump. They will be the first line of defense in fighting climate change and are the decision-makers on whether their state will accept or reject federal funds for building high-speed rail and green energy production, and the jobs that come with them.
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Bernie Sanders Officially Endorses Hillary Clinton For President At NH Rally

#2SetsOfLaws #PoliticalPrivilege #SocialistDoctrine3Peat The Lack of integrity continues, Bernie Sanders campaigning for Hillary R Clinton promoting one of the most corrupt Political figures of our modern times. The DNC willing to promote a incompetent ca

If there was any bitterness left between the two candidates, you’d never have known it as Bernie Sanders took the stage and spoke for almost thirty minutes in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and wholeheartedly endorsed Hillary Clinton for the president of the United States. He opened by discussing his own highly successful campaign that has energized millions… Continue Reading →

New rule will raise income

Again ... #workneverends #overtime #mac #k.atj

Not for contractors, of course, but for a lot of people:

The Obama administration will unveil a new rule Wednesday that would make millions of middle-income workers eligible for overtime pay, a move that delivers a long-sought victory for labor groups.

The regulations, which were last updated more than a decade ago, would let full-time salaried employees earn overtime if they make up to $47,476 a year, more than double the current threshold of $23,660 a year. The Labor Department estimates that the rule would boost the pockets of 4.2 million additional workers.

The move caps a long-running effort by the Obama administration to aid low- and middle-income workers whose paychecks have not budged much in the last few decades, even as the top earners in America have seen their compensation soar. The last update to the rules came in 2004, and Wednesday’s announcement is the third update to the salary threshold for overtime regulations in 40 years.

“Along with health care reform this is one of the most important measures that the Obama administration has implemented to help middle-wage workers,” said Jared Bernstein, a former chief economist to Vice President Biden and a senior fellow at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

About 35 percent of full-time salaried employees will be eligible for time and a half when they work extra hours under the new rule, up significantly from the 7 percent who qualify under the current threshold, according to the Labor Department.

Justice wins sometimes

The headline should read “a night when citizens stood up.” It’s also seen as a major win for Black Lives Matter, as former Cuyahoga County assistant prosecutor Michael O’Malley won the Democratic nomination for County Prosecutor in the Cleveland area, and Kim Foxx won the Democratic primary for Cook County state’s attorney Tuesday night, Prosecutors in… Continue Reading →

Um, yeah

From the 2013 #SOTU: "Heroes like @RepJohnLewis, Dr. King, and countless others sacrificed so that all of our voices could be heard." —President Obama on one of his personal heroes, civil rights leader Rep. John Lewis. Here he is photographed listening to

I may have written about this before, making the point that going to a march doesn’t make someone a civil rights “activist.” Yes, people supported those causes — but those marches were also social events. (Kids today go to the mall, we used to go to marches.) Everyone used to go!

At a press conference yesterday announcing the Congressional Black Caucus PAC’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton, Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) was asked about Sen. Bernie Sanders’ civil rights movement work:

Q.: This one in particular is for congressman John Lewis. You were obviously a member of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. Obviously Senator Sanders was involved in civil rights work in the Chicago area in the private sector. What do you say on his previous work on civil rights and —

REP. JOHN LEWIS: — well to be very frank I don’t want to cut you off but I never saw him. I never met him. I was chair of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee for three years — from 1963 to 1966. I was involved in the sit-ins, the freedom rides, the March on Washington and the March to Selma to Montgomery and directed the voter education project for six years. But I met Hillary Clinton. I met President Clinton.

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