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Kellyanne Conway: Detaining Green Card Holders Is ‘A Small Price To Pay’

Kellyanne Conway: Press Secretary Sean Spicer Gave 'Alternative Facts' | Meet The Press | NBC News

Trump senior adviser Kellyanne Conway on Sunday said that mayhem caused by an executive order barring travelers from select Muslim countries was a “small price to pay” for the safety of Americans. During an interview on Fox News, host Chris Wallace asked Conway if the administration had made a mistake by failing to think through the… Continue Reading →

Freedom Caucus Targets Medicare To Fund Trump’s Wall

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC), Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus casually put Medicare and Medicaid in the crosshairs when asked how he plans to find the 15 billion dollars needed to fund Donald Trump’s Chinese wall. On Thursday, MSNBC’s Greta Susteren brought on the leader of the most fiscally conservative nuts in the GOP and asked… Continue Reading →

Man without grace meets a party without conscience


Joy Anne Reid:

If Trump is a man without grace, his daily outrages would not be possible were he not surrounded by men and women without honor. And indeed, the diminution of the Republican Party is perhaps the saddest part of this sorry spectacle. Republicans like Paul Ryan and Mike Pence used to oppose a Muslim ban  as unconstitutional and repugnant. Now they smile and nod and consent as a ban on visitors from majority Muslim countries is implemented – one that will ultimately impact people of all faiths from those countries, and which somehow skips countries where previous attackers have actually come from, but where Trump and his family happens to have business interests.

Republican lawmakers fret behind closed doors about the devastating impact of ripping away tens of millions of Americans’ healthcare, yet in public they grin along and say nothing; or duck their constituents and head for cover out the back door.

American civil servants and scientists are being gagged, long-serving diplomats dismissed from their posts, and the institutional memory of our federal government shoved out in an ideological putsch by the new administration, while GOP Senators refuse to lift a finger in protest. Instead, they approve each of Trump’s billionaire cabinet nominees, after pretending to dress them down for the C-SPAN cameras. 

They sit around the table at a White House luncheon, grimacing in stale silence while Trump fantasizes about millions of phantom “illegal voters” who kept him from winning the popular vote; as if Republicans haven’t spent decades spinning the same fables about “voter fraud” to justify enacting draconian voter ID and other restrictive laws that keep people of color from the franchise. 

Far from acting as a check or balance on the White House, the Party Men and Women of the Grimacing Old Party are content to fiddle while the amateur administration descends into chaos. Men like Speaker Ryan are too married to their ideological determination to dismantle the social safety net to let a little thing like an unraveling president, who’s tossing away allies while racing to get on the phone with Vladimir Putin, trouble their spotless minds.

Secret President Stephen Bannon says media should STFU, sit in the corner

Breitbart Bulldog Steve Bannon has hired a couple of his news cohorts to assist him in advising #Presidenttinyhands. Steve is registered to vote in two states.

Our Shadow-President Stephen Bannon would like to let “the media” know that he wishes they’d just shut the fck up and go sit in a corner somewhere for the next four years. In an interview with the New York Times, Bannon said, “The media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just… Continue Reading →

Why does the cheeto trust Kris Kobach more than the CIA?

End Voter Suppression

It has to be frustrating for the Intel community when seventeen U.S. intelligence services report that there was a definite Russian interference in our election process and it was met with with criticisms, rebukes and then deaf ears by the president even though his inner circle is now part of those inquires. Yet, when Kansas Secretary… Continue Reading →

BREAKING: This is how bad it is and that’s scary


Preserving reality


Digby on the efforts to preserve government data before the Trump administration blows it all up:

Many of the programmers who showed up at UCLA for the event had day jobs as IT consultants or data managers at startups; others were undergrad computer science majors. The scientists in attendance, including ecologists, lab managers, and oceanographers, came from universities all over Southern California. A motley crew of data enthusiasts who assemble for projects like this is becoming something of a trend at universities across the country: Volunteer “data rescue” events in Toronto, Philadelphia, Chicago, Indianapolis, and Michigan over the last few weeks have managed to scrape hundreds of thousands of pages off of,,, and, uploading them to the Internet Archive. Another is planned for early February at New York University.

Hackers, librarians, scientists, and archivists had been working around the clock, at these events and in the days between, to download as much federal climate and environment data off government websites as possible before Trump took office. But suddenly, at exactly noon on Friday as Trump was sworn in, and just as the UCLA event kicked off, some of their fears began to come true: The climate change-related pages on disappeared. It’s typical of incoming administrations to take down some of their predecessor’s pages, but scrubbing all mentions of climate change is a clear indication of the Trump administration’s position on climate science.

“We’re having a heart attack,” said Laurie Allen on Friday afternoon. Allen is the assistant director for digital scholarship in the University of Pennsylvania libraries and the technical lead on a recent data-rescuing event there. “In the last four days I think we’ve been working 22 hours a day, because we were hearing that these precise changes were going to happen.”

As Digby points out, these are not paranoid people. Go read the whole thing.

Does Trump have Alzheimer’s?

Donald J. Trump at Marriott Marquis NYC September 7th 2016

I mean, he forgets what he says, he can’t focus, he does whatever Vlad tells him to do, is easily distracted by anything that offends his vanity, is belligerate — and his father died from it.

Now, are his cabinet members ever going to remove him from office? Hell, no.

So now what? How do we deal with a mentally ill puppet in the White House?

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