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A ride on the subway with Bernie or Bust supporters


Bernie gets booed

Seen on Facebook: “The current political situation is akin to being held up in a cabin with a hoard of zombies at the door, and someone in your group is freaking out that there’s a moth in the closet.”

I said all along that some of the things Bernie said were so negative, there might be no turning back.

Yesterday, when he spoke to a large group at the DNC and urged his supporters to support the Clinton/Kaine ticket, he was booed.

Bernie looked surprised. I wasn’t. I said all along that teaching an entire generation that the Democratic party (and Hillary) were hopelessly corrupt and that Bernie was the only one who could save us presented some serious general election problems — namely, how do you create unity when you’ve so effectively created division?

When his supporters boo, they prove they’re not part of a political movement but only a personality cult. Bernie did not train his troops. He did not explain the long-term goals, or the realistic achievements. He sold them the moon, and now they’re angry.

He has proved that he’s not really a leader, after all. He tried helplessly to get them to behave, and they ignored him.

Here is what I want to say to the Bernie holdouts (and understand, it’s a relatively small group — 85% of them are rallying around Hillary):

This is bigger than you. If you don’t understand the urgency of stopping the Orange Hitler, you are hopelessly naive. This is someone who, quite literally, has the support of the former head of the KGB. Why?

Think about that.

We not only need to win the White House, we need to turn out such a decisive victory that Republicans are crushed for years to come. We will need every single vote we can muster.

This is a pivotal moment in our history. Pay attention to the big picture, not your feelings.


Iran destroys 100,000 ‘corrupting’ satellite dishes

Small Satellite Dish

Iranian authorities have destroyed 100,000 satellite dishes and receivers as part of a widespread crackdown against illegal devices they say “deviate morality and culture”. General Mohammad Reza Naghdi, the head of Iran’s Basij militia, oversaw the destruction ceremony in Tehran on Sunday and warned of the impact that satellite television was having in the country. “The… Continue Reading →


Adult Site XHamster Reports That Porn Viewing Was At An All Time High In Cleveland During The RNC

PORNO CHIC sold out every night @GMFringe and returns 6-8 October @kingssalford photos @shayster57

Porn. It is bad. Dirty. UnChristianlike. Sinful. A darn public health crisis! Well, at least the Republican Party declared it so earlier this month during their draft party platform meeting earlier this month. CNN reports that North Carolina delegate Mary Frances Forrester , aka Ms. Prude, proposed this amendment while clutching her pearls and waving a… Continue Reading →


Why we fight

1929 Auf Nach Nürnberg, 1-4 August, 1929, Reichsparteitag der N.S.D.A.P

Fascism has been working itself into the American arena for a couple of decades now. Like a lot of people, I prefer to think it can’t happen here — but I know that’s not true. We’re uncomfortably close these days.

And last night’s chants of “Lock her up!” at the RNC made that clear. We are now at the point in our political discourse where Democrats are not just opponents, they are enemies. They are criminals.

Josh Marshall, who trained as a historian and recognizes historical patterns, wrote:

This is not a disagreement about a matter of law: it is a demand for vengeance and punishment, one rooted in the pathologies of the current Trumpite right and inevitably to some extent about the fact that Clinton is a woman. If you have a chance, rewatch the speeches by Rudy Giuliani or even more ret. Lt. Gen Michael Flynn. These are not normal convention speeches. It is only a small skip and a jump to the state legislator in West Virginia who demanded Clinton be executed by hanging on the National Mall. In such a climate, don’t fool yourself: worse can happen.’

This is the way authoritarians think, to be sure. And the Trump Party is authoritarian through and through. But this sloganeering about how Clinton belongs in jail is sadly not confined to the right. There is an element of the left which consistently says the same thing, at least if my social media feeds are any example, with certain members of my own tribe calling for Clinton to be dragged off in chains for … well, the crimes don’t really matter.

I know most of you aren’t watching the Republican convention. God knows, I wouldn’t if I didn’t have to. But I have to tell you, there’s something really disturbing going on out there. I am actually afraid for my country — and maybe my own physical safety.

Look at the plagiarism story. I don’t think Trump is actually trying to gaslight us with his obvious lies — it’s about breaking the standards of national dialogue. It’s about eroding our collective will to fight against his lies, and bending it to his. I can’t tell you how many interviews I’ve read with reporters who admit they’re too afraid of what the Trump organization will do to them if they aggressively question him.

This is how totalitarianism worms its way in.

And this is why, for all these years, I have fought the media narratives. Whether it’s pushed by individuals or groups, false narratives are destructive to a democracy. And if we lose that, what do we have left?

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