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Secret President Stephen Bannon says media should STFU, sit in the corner

Breitbart Bulldog Steve Bannon has hired a couple of his news cohorts to assist him in advising #Presidenttinyhands. Steve is registered to vote in two states.

Our Shadow-President Stephen Bannon would like to let “the media” know that he wishes they’d just shut the fck up and go sit in a corner somewhere for the next four years. In an interview with the New York Times, Bannon said, “The media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just… Continue Reading →

Preserving reality


Digby on the efforts to preserve government data before the Trump administration blows it all up:

Many of the programmers who showed up at UCLA for the event had day jobs as IT consultants or data managers at startups; others were undergrad computer science majors. The scientists in attendance, including ecologists, lab managers, and oceanographers, came from universities all over Southern California. A motley crew of data enthusiasts who assemble for projects like this is becoming something of a trend at universities across the country: Volunteer “data rescue” events in Toronto, Philadelphia, Chicago, Indianapolis, and Michigan over the last few weeks have managed to scrape hundreds of thousands of pages off of,,, and, uploading them to the Internet Archive. Another is planned for early February at New York University.

Hackers, librarians, scientists, and archivists had been working around the clock, at these events and in the days between, to download as much federal climate and environment data off government websites as possible before Trump took office. But suddenly, at exactly noon on Friday as Trump was sworn in, and just as the UCLA event kicked off, some of their fears began to come true: The climate change-related pages on disappeared. It’s typical of incoming administrations to take down some of their predecessor’s pages, but scrubbing all mentions of climate change is a clear indication of the Trump administration’s position on climate science.

“We’re having a heart attack,” said Laurie Allen on Friday afternoon. Allen is the assistant director for digital scholarship in the University of Pennsylvania libraries and the technical lead on a recent data-rescuing event there. “In the last four days I think we’ve been working 22 hours a day, because we were hearing that these precise changes were going to happen.”

As Digby points out, these are not paranoid people. Go read the whole thing.

The White House bombthrowers get a new recruit

The Washington Post’s Robert Costa is describing the new hire at the White House as an enemy of Paul Ryan: When House Speaker Paul D. Ryan’s redbrick Georgian revival in Janesville, Wis., was surrounded last July by women whose children were murdered by undocumented immigrants, conservative writer Julia Hahn published a scathing report and a blurry… Continue Reading →

Keep your eyes on Mike Pence


Listen to Liss, she knows what she’s talking about:

To be clear: I am not suggesting that Trump is stupid. I am observing, based on Trump’s own comments, that he doesn’t care about policy; that he is willfully ignorant about an enormous amount of policy because to be well-versed in it serves no purpose to him, as it does not cater to his grandiose ego and would steal time from the things that do.

Trump explicitly wanted a vice-president who “would be in charge of domestic and foreign policy,” leaving Trump free to “Make America great again,” whatever that means on any given day. Tweeting at SNL on one day; provoking China by calling the Taiwanese President on another.

Everything else belongs to Mike Pence, who was a radically conservative governor and has already made several notable trips to Capitol Hill to meet with Congressional Republicans to see what radically conservative legislation—starting with the repeal of the Affordable Care Act—they can bring to Trump’s desk for his disinterested signature.

In December, Gallup noted Pence’s influence squarely sits on the shoulders of Trump’s lack of experience: “As has been true for previous vice presidents, Pence’s background complements that of the president. But this seems particularly important for the incoming administration, given that Trump will be one of the few presidents without any elected political experience (the last was Dwight Eisenhower in 1952). Pence’s legislative and policy experience may make him the ‘quarterback’ on the White House legislative team who has to deal with complex congressional processes. And his experience as a state governor may make him someone Trump relies on to help navigate 10th Amendment issues.”

Trump’s comprehensive inexperience leaves a void that Pence will be happy to fill.

Trump has almost certainly not learned the details of the Global Gag Rule, nor will he, but he didn’t need to know them. Pence knew them. He is an extreme anti-choicer who, as Indiana’s governor, waged war on Planned Parenthood, defunded clinics, and criminalized miscarriages. You bet he knew the details of the Global Gag Rule. You bet it was one of Mike Pence’s priorities.

This, then, is a perfect and terrible example of why I am the brokenest of broken records about keeping our eyes on our most powerful vice-president ever, including even Dick Cheney.

Jeff Sessions’ pals include ‘constitutional’ sheriffs and their insane cohort

Sessions Says He’d Be Fair as AG, Defy Trump if Necessary

[Cross-posted at Orcinus.] Will Jeff Sessions become the nation’s first “constitutionalist” attorney general? One of the main takeaways so far from the Senate confirmation hearings for Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump’s nominee to be the nation’s next attorney general, is that the Alabama senator has a long history of cozying up to some of the most extreme… Continue Reading →

These are the courts we have

court of appeals

And it’s only going to get worse:

Just when you thought that the Hillary Clinton email saga was over, a new development surfaced on Tuesday by way of a federal appellate judge’s ruling. Judge Stephen Williams of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled in favor of conservative groups Judicial Watch and Cause of Action in their lawsuits against the State Department over whether or not enough was done to try to restore Clinton’s missing emails. After it looked like the lawsuits had been squashed, the appeals court revived them.

In January, a District Court judge had thrown out the lawsuits with the reasoning that both the State Department and National Archives had put in a “sustained effort” to recover the emails. In his ruling Williams wrote that this wasn’t enough. “The Department has not explained why shaking the tree harder – e.g., by following the statutory mandate to seek action by the Attorney General – might not bear more still,” he said. “Absent a showing that the requested enforcement action could not shake loose a few more emails, the case is not moot.”

As a result, Williams feels that it’s “abundantly clear that, in terms of assuring government recovery of emails, [Judicial Watch has] not ‘been given everything [they] asked for.’”

And why does Judicial Watch care? Because they’re anti-Clinton vandals, and have been from the time they were founded, and the D.C. Circuit has been complicit in more right-wing cases than I can count. This is why I don’t care how much money the Clintons made. I knew they would need it eventually as the result of more frivolous, partisan lawsuits. Stay tunes.

Feature, or bug?

Grand Canyon Shadow and Light

It will be so fun to see how President Trump handles the Bundy bunch at Gold Butte:

President Obama on Tuesday created new national monuments in a sacred tribal site in southeastern Utah and in a swath of Nevada desert, after years of political fights over the fate of the sites.

The designations further cement Obama’s environmental legacy as one of the most consequential — and contentious — in presidential history. He now has invoked his executive power to create national monuments 29 times during his tenure, establishing or expanding protections for more than 553 million acres of federal lands and waters.

Environmental groups have praised the conservation efforts, but critics say they amount to a federal land grab. Some worry that the new designations could fuel another armed protest by anti-government forces inspired by the Cliven Bundy family, such as the takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon this year.

Obama’s newest designations include two sprawling Western landscapes that are under threat, yet also where local residents are deeply divided on how the land should be used.

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