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Planned Parenthood defunded under Republicans’ American Healthcare Act

Opening Day

House Republicans unveiled the replace part of their effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, lifting penalties against those who don’t buy health insurance, replacing subsidies with tax credits and defunding Planned Parenthood. The American Healthcare Act keeps two of the most popular features of Obamacare: allowing young adults to remain on their parents’… Continue Reading →

Howard Dean says GOP takes Medicaid from the poor and gives it to the rich

THE CONTENDERS: 16 for ‘16- Howard Dean

Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean asserted on Tuesday that the Republican plan to “replace” the Affordable Care Act was going to take the biggest toll on President Donald Trump’s own voters. During a discussion on MSNBC about the House Republican’s health care bill — known as the American Health Care Act — Dean warned that 15… Continue Reading →

Chaffetz: You can have health care or an iPhone, but you can’t have both!


Because sacrifices have to be made somewhere. Just not by the rich. Ever. Source: The Week When it comes to healthcare, Republicans want the American people to have choices. That privilege comes with a dose of responsibility, though, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) said Tuesday on CNN’s New Day. Responding to host Alisyn Camerota’s challenge that “access… Continue Reading →

GOP still planning to gut Medicaid and Medicare

Medicare Card

House Republicans are now busily working to repeal the Affordable Care Act in secret. Even when the GOP plan is done and made public, the secrecy will continue. The potential impact will still be hidden from the public, as it’s likely to not have any score from the Congressional Budget Office before the House votes on… Continue Reading →

Was Gold Star dad Khizr Khan’s Canada event cancelled due to travel privilege review?

#MPAC16 Convention

If this is true, it is the most evil kind of political retribution that’s possible. The Trump administration’s “travel ban” has apparently had an immediate impact on a Gold Star family. That family are the Khans. “The Muslim-American parents of a fallen U.S. Soldier who posthumously won the Gold Star and the Purple Heart. Their 27… Continue Reading →

Mark Levin admits he has no proof Obama ordered wiretaps: ‘I’m not Nostradamus here’

Mark Levin

Radio host Mark Levin, who sent President Donald Trump into a rage on Twitter after floating a conspiracy theory about wiretaps ordered by President Barack Obama, admitted on Sunday that he had no concrete proof that the former president was involved. On his radio show and in a column for Breitbart, Levin called for an investigation… Continue Reading →

House Intelligence chair issues veiled threat to reporters

devin nunes

Devin Nunes Threatens Press: ‘Be Careful What You Ask For’

During a press conference addressing the Russia scandal and Jeff Sessions’ involvement in it, Rep. Devin Nunes issued a veiled threat to press. When asked why the FBI isn’t being forthcoming with the information they have on the contacts between members of the administration and Russia, Nunes pointed the question right back on reporters. “If, for… Continue Reading →

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