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Give us the wall, or your healthcare gets it

Via Raw Story. Dear God, Mulvaney is a shameless prick:

After years of Republican obstructionism under Democratic President Barack Obama, Trump Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said on Sunday that it was the Democrats who are guilty of “stunning” obstructionism because they will not negotiate on a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

During an interview one Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace noted that the President Donald Trump had offered Democrats a deal: If you fund the border wall, payments to Obamacare will not be cut.

“You are holding hostage health insurance for millions of lower-income Americans,” Wallace pointed out.

“Actually, what I would say is they’re holding hostage national security,” Mulvaney replied. “Again, something they supported in the recent past when President Obama was in the Senate.”

See ya, Jason

Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) Father of the year?

So House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz has announced he’s not running in 2018. (He wants to “spend more time with his family.”) Well, I guess it isn’t much fun trying to survive under Trump. Watch for him to pop up in another Utah race– if the assorted questions about him don’t become charges.

This one goes out to Jason from Speaker Ryan:

O’Reilly’s out

Special Preview of Bill O'Reilly's next book! #billoreilly #foxnews #nospinzone #sexualharrassmemt #memesdaily #memestagram #humor #funny #photoshop #photoshopfun

O’Reilly OUT at Fox. BREAKING: Bill O’Reilly OUT – Dylan Byers (@DylanByers) April 19, 2017 Gabriel Sherman interviewed by phone today on MSNBC. Some highlights: This is a fast moving story. Murdoch family is engaged in severence talks with O’Reilly. Rupert Murdoch resisted firing O’Reilly as a profit center for the network. Rupert’s son James… Continue Reading →

Berkeley protesters didn’t ‘riot’: They were sabotaged by alt-white terrorists

Well now, this was some protest, did you hear about it??  White Supremacist Caught on Video Sucker Punching a Woman at Berkeley Protest

The media reports Berkeley Protesters “clashed” with “Trump supporters” during Saturday’s Tax Day rally. That’s less than half the story. And sure enough, Reuters reports: A melee erupted on Saturday in a Berkeley, California park where supporters and opponents of President Donald Trump were holding competing rallies, resulting in at least 20 arrests as police struggled… Continue Reading →

The wrath of Steve?

Steve Bannon

If Steve Bannon is fired, Politico’s Ben Schreckinger believes that Donald Trump and his new best friends in the West Wing might rue the day: I asked friends and foes alike to imagine how, should Bannon get the boot, the pugnacious populist might exact his revenge. Taken together, their suggestions amount to an epic, Kill Bill-style… Continue Reading →

Supreme Court to consider gun case

Gorsuch takes oath of office

The U.S. Supreme Court, including the newly confirmed conservative Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch, will soon conference to hear arguments in a gun-rights case from California that has the potential to expand the Second Amendment. Related: Supreme Court denies hearing case challenging assault weapons ban In Peruta v. California, the justices would decide whether the Second Amendment… Continue Reading →

Report: Trump to take ACA cost-sharing subsidies hostage to force negotiation

Cuando comía el postre, decidió atacar… (Video)

The latest Trump strongarm tactic on health care is intended to aim straight at the voters who voted for him, by making their copays and deductibles so expensive they can’t afford them. There are two different kinds of subsidies in the Affordable Care Act. One is the premium subsidy, which everyone knows about. The other is… Continue Reading →

Arizona congressman booed over health care

Andy Biggs

The thing about Republican lawmakers that everyone should understand? They’re really, really dumb. They’ve risen through the ranks on the wings of Billionaire bucks and a solid infrastructure, but they actually don’t have the first clue about policy. They rely on canned talking points and the ability to sell dung sandwiches on the side of the… Continue Reading →

The couples that twerk together are racist jerks together


I guess you heard by now that the Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley resigned last night over having an affair, leaving us with now-Gov. Kay Ivey. But his girlfriend sounds like a real swell gal, doesn’t she?

Governor Robert Bentley’s former top advisor and secret paramour Rebekah Mason led a politically-motivated effort in 2015 to close 31 driver’s license offices in mostly black counties, a move that embarrassed the state and was later reversed.

The decision also led to a federal investigation and drew civil rights protesters such as Jesse Jackson to the state.

Mason’s role was highlighted in a 131-page report released Friday by the investigator leading impeachment efforts against Gov. Bentley, a report largely focused on the relationship between Mason and Bentley.

The report and exhibits can be found here.

According to that report, which was compiled by lead investigator Jack Sharman, it was Mason who “proposed closing multiple driver’s license offices throughout the State” and asked the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency to “put together a plan.”

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