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Brendan Writes A Letter

My friend and commenter Brendan has such a way with words:

Dear Secretary Vilsack:

It has come to my attention that you recently forced Shirley Sherrod, a USDA appointee, to resign over what appear to unfounded allegations of racism by noted conservative provocateur Andrew Breitbart.  Unfortunately, by taking the word of this well-known con artist at face value, you have fired an innocent person. you need to reinstate her.

As the following link demonstrates, breitbart’s video was selectively edited to make Sherrod appear to be admitting to racism:

Unfortunately for Mr. Breitbart (as well as for you), this has been exposed as a fraud. In fact, the family Sherrod helped called into CNN today to explain that “Sherrod was helpful to her family and that the couple never felt she was being racist while trying to assist them in avoiding foreclosure. ” The family added, “”She treated us really good and got us all we could,” and they do not believe you have treated Ms. Sherrod fairly. (source:

Mr. Vilsack, I would like to know if it is USDA policy to take allegations like those made by Mr. Breitbart at face value, without doing further research.  Breitbart, as you should know, was also closely linked to the fraudulent ACORN video, which led Congress to unfairly defund the organization, which was later cleared of any and all wrongdoing.  Breitbart was also linked to recent efforts to tap Senator Mary Landrieu’s phone, a crime which one of his accomplices pled guilty to.

As you should know by now, the partisans on the Republican party have been engaged in smear campaigns against Democrats for decades: examples include the Whitewater non-scandal; the Jeremiah Wright non-scandal; the Barack Obama is a secret muslim/socialist/nazi/Kenyan/Martian non-scandal; and so on.

The fact that you believed the allegations made by Breitbart and fired a loyal employee speak very badly to your character and leadership. Do you think that appeasing these lunatics will cause them to leave you alone? Rest assured, they will be back for more. Meanwhile, you have hung an innocent elderly woman out to dry based on the fever dreams of a man who has demonstrated time and time again that he’s a fraud, proving that you’re something of a coward who won’t stand up for his employees.

You should be ASHAMED of yourself.

Brendan Skwire

Oo, Scary Black Panthers!

I never wrote about this stupid “controversy” because I remember reading something in my local paper that said it was no big deal. Which doesn’t surprise me, because the polling place where this alleged intimidation occurred was in a minority neighborhood, and I would be very surprised if anyone (other than patronage employees of the GOP-controlled parking authority) was breaking down the walls of the polling place to vote for John McCain.

But the corporate media, bowing to temper tantrums from the right, have pronounced this “news” anyway. Because we all know who really controls the media, and it ain’t us.

Just So You Know What We’re Up Against

A message to all members of Tea Party Nation

Make no mistake about it; Elena Kagan wants to ban books. She thinks there is nothing wrong with banning books based on their political content.  Period.

That makes her the most dangerous person ever nominated to the Supreme Court and singularly unfit to sit on the court.

It would be one thing if she had simply said this one time.  She has said it repeatedly.  She has even argued to the United States Supreme Court that political pamphlets could be banned.
As far back as 1996, Kagan argued it might be necessary to ban speech that is offensive to society or to the government!
There are countries that have banned speech that is offensive to the government.  The old Soviet Union, Communist China, Iran, Pakistan, Taliban controlled Afghanistan, Cuba, Nazi Germany and other dictatorships.  Dictatorships ban speech, not America.  But Kagan wants to ban books.   I have a better idea, let’s ban Kagan.
Over the last year and a half, so many times we have called on you to step up to fight for our country and once again, we must do that.  Kagan must be stopped.  Obama may end up as a one term President, but his Supreme Court nominees serve for life!  Kagan could easily be there for 30 years.  Imagine the damage she could do.

Here is what we need you to do:
First, forward this email to everyone you know.  Call your Senators and ask them to do the same.  Tell them that we do not
want a Supreme Court Justice who thinks it’s okay to ban books.
Join us at and discuss this in our forums!
We have all seen the film footage from Nazi Germany, where the Brown Shirts are throwing banned books into the bonfires.  Never could I have believed that an American Supreme Court Justice would ever support the banning of books.  If we do not stop the Kagan nomination, we will have just such a Supreme Court Justice.

Save America.  Stop the Kagan nomination.

Also, our friends at Young Americans for Freedom are holding a rally today at the Supreme Court Building in Washington.  This is the kind of 1st Amendment expression Elena Kagan opposes!


Where: U.S. Supreme Court Steps, 1 First Street, NE  Washington, DC 20543
When: Thursday July 1, 2010 12:30 – 1:30 pm  (lunchtime)

Visit Tea Party Nation at:

The Overton Window

Kind of funny when the GOP is so extreme, they’re pushing Chris Christie to be more of a right-winger!

Gov. Christie says he has not decided whether to sign on to a 20-state lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the health-care law signed in March by President Obama. That makes New Jersey one of seven Republican-led states that have not joined the largely partisan fight.

Interest groups on both sides of the debate are lobbying the governor, but some of his advisers say he should not join the suit. Capping property taxes and managing a difficult budget have rightly been his top priorities, they say, and New Jersey residents are more open than people in other parts of the country to health-care regulation.

With 16 of 23 states led by GOP governors fighting the new law, at least one national expert said Christie faced the risk of becoming an “outlier through inaction.”

“He’s going to have to explain why he has stood out among his colleagues in his own party by not doing something they’ve all done,” said Michael Franc, vice president for government relations at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative policy group in Washington.

Why don’t these guys go fuck themselves with a rusty chainsaw, and leave the rest of us alone?

NJ Wingnuts

Funny, how many children of prominent wingnuts go into the family business, huh? Andrew Schlafly (son of Phyllis) is leading the team suing the state of NJ to recall Sen. Bob Menendez for voting for the health care bill.

You may also remember him as the guy leading the team to rewrite the Bible “without liberal bias.” Uh huh.

Anyway, the hearing is today.

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