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If we live in the land of the free and all that twaddle, then why do our cops treat protesters as if they’re terrorists rather than fellow citizens? Inquiring minds, including a prominent United Nations official, want to know. More here.

Chuck Colson

Thou shalt not bear false witness, Chuck!

Some animals are more equal than others

Fox News.

Deep thought

Why did I not win the Powerball last night?


They should give the kid a medal!


Steve Earle:

I woke up this mornin’ and none of the news was good
And death machines were rumblin’ ‘cross the ground where Jesus stood
And the man on my TV told me that it had always been that way
And there was nothin’ anyone could do or say
And I almost listened to him
Yeah, I almost lost my mind
Then I regained my senses again
And looked into my heart to find
That I believe that one fine day all the children of Abraham
Will lay down their swords forever in Jerusalem
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True colors

Cyndi Lauper:

The heart that love forget

Kelly Willis:

‘I’m Not Like Everybody Else’

And I don’t want to ball about like everybody else,
And I don’t want to live my life like everybody else,
And I won’t say that I feel fine like everybody else…

Go here for notes about the song.

All I want for Christmas is you

Mariah Carey live at the Kingdom of Disney:

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