Was Sirhan Sirhan another ‘patsy’?

Although the inconsistencies are not as well known as the JFK assassination, there are good reasons to believe Sirhan Sirhan was used in a conspiracy. (Not that the CIA ever does such things, of course.) At the very least, it wouldn’t hurt to find out:

Sirhan, the man almost everyone believes killed Robert F. Kennedy (and did so alone), is seeking a new trial. Sirhan’s current attorney, William Pepper, who also served as James Earl Ray’s final lawyer and believed that Ray had been set up, is seeking to convince the US District Court for the Central District of California not to accept a report from a magistrate judge, Andrew J. Wistrich, advising that the new trial request be dismissed. It’s up to the district court to decide whether to proceed.

Although Sirhan pled guilty at his original trial in 1969, Pepper contends that Sirhan was betrayed by a lead member of his original legal team, Grant Cooper, who Pepper notes was himself under federal indictment at the time for illegally possessing grand jury proceedings in another famous case, involving card cheating at the Beverly Hills Friar’s Club. Cooper, who faced possible jail time for that, ended up being let off with a $1000 fine. Intriguingly, his client in the Friar’s affair, John Roselli, was an organized crime figure with CIA ties often named as a possible conspirator in the death of President John F. Kennedy.

The defense had Sirhan admit guilt and sought to portray him as both mentally deficient and acting on impulse. Pepper notes that the attorney’s personal vulnerability was known to the judge and prosecution, and that they nevertheless said nothing while Sirhan’s real interests were not represented, and exculpatory evidence was suppressed.  Although Sirhan confessed to shooting at Robert Kennedy, he later said that he could remember nothing at all of that tragic day.

Now, Pepper is requesting a chance to come to court and offer two kinds of evidence – facts known at the time but not presented to Sirhan’s jury, and facts that have come to light since the trial. The fundamental claim is that Sirhan was genuinely unaware of his actions on June 5, 1968 —when he did, in fact, bring a gun to the pantry of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles and shortly after midnight fire at Kennedy from the front. Pepper wants to introduce expert testimony that Sirhan was a guinea pig in a super-secret program to hypnotize people and turn them into unwitting killers. As crazy as this may sound at first blush, the United States government is on record as admitting to research in broad areas of mind control, particularly with regard to the CIA’s MKULTRA program, which among other things wanted to determine whether people could be made into killing machines. (For more on MKULTRA historically, see this, and more recently, including threats to Obama’s safety, see this.)

Pepper and his experts believe that Sirhan was selected to be the patsy in RFK’s death, distracting everyone while a professional assassin fired the fatal shots unobtrusively from inches behind Kennedy—from a crouched position in the crush of people so his actions would not be noticed, milliseconds after Sirhan shot and missed and was immobilized.

John Boehner, our new best friend

So contrary to some people’s opinion, even Young Ezra (White House conduit) admits we’re not imagining things. Obama really is trying to give it away — but Boehner won’t take it. Imagine that!

As Greg Sargent notes, just a few months ago, top Republicans were saying that this was, indeed, the exact way to move the country forward. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell told the Wall Street Journal that “higher Medicare premiums for the wealthy, an increase in the Medicare eligibility age and slowing cost-of-living increases for Social Security” were “the kinds of things that would get Republicans interested in new revenue.”

A Republican congressional aide told Bloomberg that chained-CPI — which is included in Obama’s budget — was Boehner’s top priority.

“And so we have a moment of clarity in this debate once again,” writes Sargent. “There is literally nothing that Obama can offer Republicans — not even things they themselves have asked for — that would induce them to agree to a compromise on new revenues.”

It would go too far to say Boehner is playing directly into the hands of the White House. But he’s certainly playing directly into the hands of liberals.

There’s a strain of thought in the Republican Party that believes Obama’s public positions are just a ruse and he’s really a hardcore, old-fashioned liberal with no interest in a budget deal and no higher political goal than the absolute destruction of the GOP.

Liberals hold the opposite concern. They worry that Obama’s public positions are just his opening bid, and he’s really a hardcore, ’90s-style DLC Democrat who has no higher political goal than a bipartisan budget deal and would happily sign off on a bill that slashed Medicare and Social Security as long as Republicans would agree to some taxes.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, liberals have a better understanding of the White House’s underlying motives than Republicans. But quite surprisingly, Republicans keep saving liberals from their president.
As badly as Obama wants a budget deal, Boehner seems just as determined to keep him from reaching one. For liberals, this is close to an ideal situation. The Republican Party’s brand continues to worsen. The Democratic president manages to look reasonable without ever actually signing a painful compromise into law. And Medicare and Social Security remain safe.

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