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Polyester bride

Liz Phair:

Raise your glass

The wonderful Pink:

Fuck you, pay me

This is what Obama and the Dems need to watch:

2011/03 Mike Monteiro | F*ck You. Pay Me. from SanFrancisco/CreativeMornings on Vimeo.


First, this is a bullshit deal. It removes virtually all stimulus spending from the budget, in exchange for the protective cover of saving Planned Parenthood.

Second, Obama is the worst goddamned negotiator in the world. Two year olds are better than him.

This deal guarantees a double-dip recession. And for what? Obama cares more about his own reelection than the fact that his inability to push strong economic policies is killing the rest of us.

Deep thought

So if we prove one congressman paid for his girlfriend’s abortion, then congressional paycheck funding is “fungible” and thus not permitted under the Hyde Amendment?

Whipping post

That Duane, man, that guy could play…

Going up the country

Canned Heat:

Friday fun

Try this (make sure your speakers are on).

Enough is enough

I am so sick of these motherfucking politicians playing these games. Understand, despite all the press conferences, THE DEMS ARE ABOUT TO CAVE. First they gave them $70 billion in tax cuts for the rich, and now they’re going to cut $38 billion that should go to people who need it.

Rape as growth experience

Idaho refuses to allow abortion exception for rape victims, because Jesus will heal them if they have the baby.

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