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Andrew Bird:

Surging toward another snafu

by Odd Man Out
From Consortiumnews.com:

As the Afghan War grinds toward another U.S. military defeat – on the heels of the forced departure from Iraq – Official Washington remains in denial about these failed neocon strategies, still preferring to embrace happy myths about “successful surges” and ignoring the actual outcomes.

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Virtually Speaking tonight

Tuesday, March 20 | 9 pm eastern | 6 pm pacific |Virtually Speaking Tuesdays |Avedon Carol and Lambert Strether recall CorrenteWire’s role in promoting dialogue about Modern Monetary Theory, convening a Fiscal Sustainability Teach-In Counter-Conference, and the reaction of the left blogosphere. Follow @Avedon_Says @CorrenteWire. Listen live and later on BTR

Spring is here

I always loved this Wendy Waldman song:

‘Lipstick on a pig’

What Pelosi recently said about the Ryan-Wyden Medicare “reform”:

Republicans have argued that the new Medicare plan embraced by both Paul Ryan and Dem Senator Ron Wyden will blunt Dem attacks over Medicare, because the plan now has “bipartisan cover.” Some Dems have privately worried about this, too.

But Pelosi scoffed at the idea, arguing that Ryan-Wyden still would ultimately end Medicare as we know it, as we know it, and that this is a case Dems can take to the American people.

“What they’re trying to do is put lipstick on a pig — that would be Ryan — and call it Monique — that would be Wyden,” Pelosi said. “But it’s still a pig.”

The Ryan-Wyden plan would offer seniors quasi-vouchers to pay for private health insurance but would also preserve traditional Medicare as an option. Pelosi argued that this still ensures that Medicare will “wither on the vine,” adding: “The Republican plan would break the Medicare guarantee.”

Asked to respond to the Republican argument that Dems are imperiling Medicare by not offering a plan of their own to shore up its finances, Pelosi said: “They want to break the Medicare guarantee. Period. It’s about them. They’re in power in the House. They want to break the guarantee. The public doesn’t support that.”

In 2005, Pelosi helped engineer the defeat of George W. Bush’s Social Security plan by insisting that Dems not offer a plan of their own. Speaking about the Dem Medicare message, she advised: “Keep it simple.”

Want a job?

by Dr. S.
Hand over your Facebook password.

Privacy rights and dignity are for rich folk. You don’t like it, you can sleep outside, peasant.

Happy vernal equinox

Ella Fitzgerald:

Forever young

Pete Seeger sings Bob:


Despite his office assistant telling me all the tests were fine, the doctor just left me a message saying my thyroid levels were borderline and my Vitamin D levels were low.

At least I finally have a “valid” reason for why I’m so tired all the time – and why I’ve been craving liver for months. As I mentioned before, I always figured my thyroid was out of whack because I have such a low body temperature (last week, it was 93).

He says he wants to watch the thyroid levels for another six months. I’m not thrilled about the idea of being on the thyroid merry-go-round for the rest of my life, so that’s fine with me. I’ll see what I can do in the meantime to build myself up.


by Susie
How Obama advisors decided to make the deficit the priority. Must. Hit. Head. On. Wall.

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