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Stephen Stills:

Where is my mind

The Pixies:


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Barefoot and pregnant

No one ever believes this stuff is happening until it’s too late.

Big lie

Dean Baker:

I know we are not supposed to say “lie” in Washington, but this is really get tiresome. There was no report from President Obama’s deficit commission. The rules under which the commission could issue a report were very clear. It had to have the support of 14 of the 18 members in a vote that took place by December 1, 2010. There was no vote taken by that date, although 12 of the 18 members did indicate their support for a report produced by the commission co-chairs, Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson, on December 2.

This means that there was no commission report. Therefore, when Dan Balz tells Washington Post readers about the recommendations of the deficit commission, he either has no clue what he is talking about or he is deliberately deceiving Washington Post readers. If he wants to be honest, he is welcome to refer to it as a report of the co-chairs and to even point out that the report had support of 12 of the 18 commissioners, but it is simply not accurate to describe it as a report of the commission.

Btw, the headline of the piece describes the failure to reach agreement on a big deficit reduction package as a “lost opportunity.” Those reading through the piece would find that one element of this lost opportunity is the failure to raise the age of eligibility for Medicare. Wow, just think, if only Speaker Boehner and President Obama could have gotten their act together people aged 65 and 66 could now be paying for their own health care. We’re all really going to regret this lost opportunity.

Womens world cup soccer

I missed this live, but the video is great:


I forgot to mention that last night, when I was talking to the politician I know about her social media strategy, I dropped a chunk of cherry water ice down the front of my top and had to pretend I didn’t while it melted.


Krugman points out that we didn’t actually try any Keynesian stimulation.

New Hampshire

Defunds Planned Parenthood.

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