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Class warfare

of what happened on Friday, in broad daylight, in America. I’m sorry, but can anyone out there explain to me why this cop shouldn’t face assault charges, and why the chancellor of UC Davis shouldn’t immediately be fired?

This is not America

David Bowie:

Do as I say, not as I do

Barack Obama.

Life in Sickland

I’m really not a good patient, so please bear with me about the constant whining. Hypervigilant, remember?

Last night, when I was getting ready to sleep, there was a sudden change in my vision (you know, in the one eye that I use to read): refracted rays around anything the light hit. It scared the shit out of me; since I’m on an all-liquid diet, nothing to scare out of me, but you know what I mean.

And it sent a massive jolt of adrenaline coursing through my system. Was my retina detaching? (As I say, I can only read out of one eye.) I began to panic; naturally, I picked up my laptop and began to search. I discovered that the Cipro has been associated with visual side effects, some of them permanent. (Including retinal detachment.) Not exactly what I wanted to find, but oh well. After a good cry that followed the classic “God, why is all this shit happening to me?” mold, I eventually calmed myself down and got to sleep.

This morning, I slept right through the alarm I’d set to take the antibiotics, and rushed to the kitchen to take them, slamming one of my toes into the portable radiator in my living room, resulting in a ripped off nail and a lot of blood. Then, as I took the pills, I noticed this AWFUL taste in my mouth. “Ah, the famous metallic taste everyone warned me about!” I thought. So even the bowl of chicken broth I had for breakfast tasted like something you’d see on that reality show where they make you eat bugs.

And I can’t tell you how many people have helpfully told me someone they know died (or almost died) of this. Now, I know they’re just trying to get me to take it seriously, but honestly, I am taking it seriously. And I’m more worried about losing my sight than I am about dying, because to me, they’re almost the same thing.
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If so, it’s about time

Arguably as good as Sam Cooke’s own version:

Pure pop for now people…

No, it’s not Nick Lowe, but it is pure pop, released 20 years ago this fall:


From the artist who designed the iconic Obama poster:

By the way

We’re finally in the middle of changing to a whole new look. If you’re still attached to the “girls with guns” header, you should save yourself a copy.

But I think you’re really going to like the new one.

Sick bay

I’ve had a low-grade fever all day and let me tell you, this infection is really knocking it out of me. I probably shouldn’t have gone to the supermarket, but I needed to buy some of the bland food that’s all I’m allowed to eat.

Anyway, one of my relatives is a nurse, she told me this can be really dangerous and to take it seriously. Swell.

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