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Song for Ireland

by Susie
Dick Gaughan:

Bank on BofA ripping you off

Matt Taibbi’s piece about Bank of America is both hilarious and infuriating, an indictment of a “too-big-too-fail” bank and the scoundrels in government who enable its criminality. More here.

The massacre

Robert Fisk on the real story behind the Afghan massacre – and of course, we’re not even getting into the question of whether there was only one shooter. But if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that the official version is not usually the true version.

A little bit of heaven

I remember my mother singing this all the time! John Gary:

I’ve just seen a face

The Beatles:

London calling

by Susie
Bruce Springsteen and Tom Morello:

People’s parties/the same situation

I said send me somebody/who’s strong/and somewhat sincere…
by Susie
For my friend Kathy:

This land is your land

Bruce Springsteen closed out his show last night at the SXSW festival with a performance of Woodie Guthrie’s classic “This Land Is Your Land” with members of Arcade Fire, Tom Morello, Garland Jeffreys, Joe Ely and Alejandro Escovedo.

America’s problem with UNESCO

by Susie
This episode from The Daily Show is absolutely brilliant in highlighting how America’s Congress simply won’t do anything that doesn’t meet with Israel’s approval. Would that some of our so-called “news” channels did the same:

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by Boohunney
Dear Social Network friends,

30 years have past and the Right has been dominate in our political structure. These trickle down policies and alleged free market policies have placed the country in the worst state since the Great Depression. I have seen ketchup become a vegetable. I have seen the Geneva Convention ignored. I have watched our local police departments become militarized. Now, I am seeing from the Right workers demonized. Vocations that were once honorable and considered public service like firefighters, teachers and gubmit employees being treated like money hungry ingrates. I’ve heard “achievers” whine because an economic downturn was not supposed to have effect on them. (Boo buckskin’ hoo.) Oh, I guess the free market is for what some may describe as the losers…..

Of course, I was born and raised in this area steeped in Right wing rhetoric. Yes, I KNOW Lester Maddox and J.B. Stoner were Dixiecrats, were on the old South Democrat ticket. That’s not why I am a liberal. Quit trying to rewrite history for me. I am NOT THAT STUPID. Somehow, even being immersed in the South, the crazy can’t take me. Might be I wasn’t “raised right” or something silly like that. I guess I just couldn’t get into Nixon, either. Maybe, I was indoctrinated by watching the evening news when I was young. You know, liberal media.

Most of us that spar on “Social Media” together, with exception of the few young ones and our experienced elders that chime in, are of middle age. I remember some of us being young participants of the College Republicans or Young Democrats. Some of us didn’t even go to school at the same time and went out and just got it all, from zero, with no help, raised by wolves or no family or support. Whatever. But, for the most part, all of us that participate in what I call “Master Debaters” theater here are individually good people. I don’t know some of y’all face to face, you are virtual friends. Some of you, I’ll stay in touch and talk about other things like our families and our hobbies.

Now, we have come into discussing “red meat” politics. Women’s health care, really? Why are we revisiting this? Voting rights? Why are we revisiting this? Gas prices? It seems that some folks think we have all the natural resources for energy, meaning oil, here in the US and drilling will make $2.50 gas. Some are proposing gas price controls. If you want cheap gas we will have to nationalize it. Cheap gas days are OVER. Dry your tears and get a more efficient car. That’s the free market. Even if we drilled EVERY SINGLE resource of petro, we’d be out soon. This country cannot drill itself out of dependency. We have had 30 plus years to work this one out.

The young adults of the Reagan years that we were are now the elders and have FAILED miserably in leading this country. Look what the predominate “conservative think” of the past 30 years has given us. A generation fed on the innovation, sacrifice and dedication of our elders, the true go getters, that gave us all the pop culture we can eat. And all kinds of other problems.

For me, conversation with the conservative base has become futile. I cannot believe some of you Ladies on the conservative side didn’t plan your families with health care insurance. Puleeeze! You were all virgins when you married, I am sure. (My apologies to those who actually saved it for marriage. If that’s what you believe there is nothing wrong with that. My own mother did.) I can throw a rock in the county north of me (a conservative hot bed) and hit a woman that is conservative and has used birth control, happily. They LOVE sex up there and WHY not? And all you guys, Viagra is a recreational sex medication. Use it! What the hell is wrong with SEX??? These conversations are so STUPID.

We have people out of work. We have people that are out of work that are skilled and experienced, there are no positions open for them. We have a financial and business structure designed to keep most middle class people in perpetual debt. We have a health care system that can easily bankrupt a middle class family with one health episode and the efforts to reform are met with the most insane challenges. We have people that can’t go to the doctor or even afford primary care. We have a compromised food and water supply. We have kids that can’t pass the Presidential Fitness Test. Or do we even DO that anymore? We have kids that have no critical thinking skills, but, only study for the CRCT. But, no one on the Right offers a real alternative. Fer Gawds sake, Nixon was for Universal Health Care. Geesh.

Anyway, we seem to just recycle the same old same old.

So, after about a year of all this, I am moving on. It was my choice to get into this fray. I have learned a lot from it. And, yes, a few of my notions have been dispelled. Maybe, I am trying to think of an example. I have been threatened by some people with a lynching, called an idiot, called a “stupid piece of shit,” a libtard, a communist, a fascist, a socialist, a bolshevik, a lover of Lenin, a feminist (!) and had many assumptions made about my character that are “right out of the conservative handbook.” Oh, I was called anti Semitic by someone. My friends I grew up with in Atlanta and many of my current friends may disagree. Whatever.

But, Buddha is calling me in a different direction.

I’ll keep in touch. But, I doubt I’ll get into this Social Media fray much anymore….

Futility is just not my thing.

But, bowling? Let get it on!

Regards, Boohunney


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