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This Time of Year

A semi-grudging salute to Hitchens

He was widely and sometimes rightly criticized for focusing on “Islamofascism,” but it’s not as if he didn’t recognize the threat of neo-fascism in the West, especially among Christian fanatics and white supremacists. More here.

It would be immoral to describe the ill I wish on every piece of shit that voted for this.

Frosty the snowman

The Ronettes:

First cut is the deepest

Cat Stevens:

Put the message in the box

World Party:

Along the horizontal

A lovely essay, inspired by the Occupy movement.

Kitchen adventures

I was pretty psyched to discover a low-fat frozen pizza at Trader Joe’s – until today, when I realized it was eggplant. (I can’t eat eggplant, ever. But especially now.) So I chipped off all the frozen eggplant, covered the pizza with some mushrooms and a sprinkling of low-fat mozzarella. I may as well have made it from scratch!

Battlefield America

Is Gitmo in your future?

Matter of trust

Billy Joel:

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