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Any Tea with that?

This is what will really scare the Powers That Be — when Occupy and Tea partiers join forces.


I think they’ll find that the building of the stadium as a quasi-public work had more to do with who got the bond and insurance deals:

For two decades now, Major League Baseball has funded its rise from corporate slacker to gilded cash cow on the backs of taxpayers bullied into building new stadiums. It’s a marvel the government took so long to sniff out the rot that emanates from these deals, though not much of a surprise that the Miami Marlins were the target when they did.

The Security and Exchange Commission on Thursday launched guided warheads at the Marlins, requesting the team’s financial records, communications with MLB officials including commissioner Bud Selig, minutes of meetings with local government leaders and political campaign-contribution information, according to a report in the Miami Herald.

While the subpoenas issued by the SEC do not explicitly detail the purpose of the investigation, the feds’ motives are evident: They want to understand how, exactly, a group of county commissioners agreed to fund 80 percent of the Marlins new stadium, which cost more than $600 million, without ever seeing the team’s financial records – and whether bribes had anything to do with it.

Occupy Atlanta

Go read the rest. Huffington Post has been doing a series on the lesser-known Occupy sites in the South:

SNELLVILLE, Ga. — The day after Fannie Mae evicted a police officer and his family from their suburban Atlanta home, the government-owned mortgage giant demanded the family turn over all its correspondence with members of Occupy Atlanta, according to court documents.

In early November, Christopher Rorey, an officer with the DeKalb County Police Department, had invited the activists affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement to his quiet neighborhood in Gwinnett County, about 25 miles outside of Atlanta. The Rorey family had spent 13 months fending off foreclosure. They were on their second lawyer and second civil suit. After losing a last ditch court hearing, attended by Occupy protesters, an eviction was imminent. The Roreys were down to last options.

A large storage bin now occupied their driveway. Slowly, next-door neighbors had started to help fill it. Belongings ringed the darkened living room in neat stacks. In the front room, more was piled on the couch; the big-screen TV had been moved out of the way. The finished basement had been stripped clean except for a lone black leather office chair. In the kitchen, the cabinets had been emptied, and the stove had been put in the bin on the driveway.

The demonstrators set up large orange-and-blue tents on the Rorey front lawn, unrolled bedding in their basement, and hung signs from their porch that read: “THIS HOME IS OCCUPIED” in rainbow colors.

The organizers said they liked the fact that Christopher, 43, was a cop. And they liked the Roreys’ story.


And just plain disgusting.

You left me sore

40 days and 40 nights

Muddy Waters:

Sassafras and moonshine.

There’s your trouble

Might be my favorite Dixie Chicks song. It’s so sassy!

I can’t make you love me

I love it when an artist does an unpredictable cover, and here’s Bon Iver doing Bonnie Raitt:

Let him fly

Dixie Chicks cover Patty Griffin:

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