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Women be wise

Sippie Wallace and Bonnie Raitt:

Walkin’ blues

Bonnie Raitt:

Ry Cooder:

Why try to change me now

Fiona Apple, vastly underrated song stylist:

Lover’s prayer

Otis Redding:

Turd alert

Does anyone care what this unctuous little weasel thinks about anything after he “legitimized” torture? Didn’t think so.

Can’t make this shit up

You gotta love these gun nuts:

Q: Can I carry a loaded gun in the gun show? I have a Concealed Carry Permit.

A: We respectfully request that you do not bring any loaded firearm into the gun show. Safety is our Number One Priority, and a safe environment in the show can only be maintained if there are no loaded guns in the show.

Phrase of the month: stealth recall

Orson Welles as Harry Lime in "The Third Man," based on Graham Greene's novella

For you scholars out there: To which circle of hell would Dante’s god have assigned corporate chiefs who put on the market — and then don’t take proper steps to recall — tainted, potentially lethal “medicine?” More here.

48 schools

Philadelphia Catholic school closings listed here. My high school – gone. The school down the block – gone.

The science of self-compassion

Very useful:

The Science of Self-Compassion, Dr. Kristin Neff from Emiliana Simon-Thomas on Vimeo.

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