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Heat index will be 107. I really can’t stand this, even with the air-conditioner. Everyone else is cranky, too.

They assigned cops to all the city pools because so many people want to get in, they have to admit them in shifts.

Solar power

So you know how they keep saying solar power isn’t cost effective?

Guess why. Those thieving bastards…

Whistleblower not fired

Yet — for reporting that waiters had to pay to make up the cost of raise in the minimum wage for other employees.

Philly represent

We’re No. 3 5!


Maybe this is what we need. You know, for moral values.

Thought for the day

How does Mitch McConnell keep getting out of the terrarium?

Republicans are good with money

Although not in the way you’d prefer!

Last night

Last night’s show with Cynthia Leiu and Jeff Bryant was great! We had a really fascinating discussion about education reform and how it affects your kids and community. You can listen here.

Wishful thinking

Homeowners are in denial about the value of their properties.

In a parallel universe

Just suppose:

Let’s say that through a combination of fund-raising prowess, ideological militancy, and personal charisma, Jesse Jackson Sr. is able to assume a position of considerable behind-the-scenes power in the Democratic Party. His sway over elected Democrats is such that he manages to get 95% of the Democratic Congressional delegation, House and Senate, to sign an oath of personal loyalty to his policy goals. Specifically, they pledge that under no circumstances will they ever support cuts in Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and other social welfare programs. Jackson believes that any such cuts will affect the poor and people of color disproportionately. Throughout the debate over the budget and debt ceiling, House and Senate Democrats refuse to even consider any proposal that touches any of those programs. It is a non-starter. Full stop. Because they swore an oath to Jesse Jackson that they wouldn’t.

I’m sure you can see through this thin shoe-on-the-other-partisan-foot analogy to Grover Norquist’s “Taxpayer Protection Pledge” that currently holds sway over the GOP. I do think it’s interesting to draw out the hypothetical scenario, though, to underscore a point: Can you even imagine the sheer violence of the pant-shitting that the GOP, Teatards, and Beltway media would be engaged in if the shoe really was on the other foot? If every Democrat had signed a personal oath to an interest group and private citizen that took precedence over their oath to the American people and Constitution?

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