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Minimum wage

This is only news to the members of the elite.


I had no idea that we signed a treaty decades ago that said Japan’s spent nuclear fuel rods would be stored here. Oops!

Rain dance

I’m almost afraid to pray for rain, considering what terrible storms we’re seeing elsewhere this year. But it’s been 88 or higher for more than a week, and I would love it if we got some relief.

Tonight’s show

My guest on Virtually Speaking Susie will be Marcy Wheeler, otherwise known as emptywheel from FDL. You can tune in at 9pm EST by clicking here. Call 646-200-3440 with questions or comments.

A helping hand

The Picadilly circus was supposed to perform in Joplin, MO but was canceled. The circus people decided to hang around and help, even the elephant:

Say no to one more war

Dennis Kucinich:

The House leadership has agreed to a floor vote on a resolution that exercises the War Powers Act of 1973. This vote could end the illegal War in Libya.

The vote is scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday June 1st.

It is urgent that you call your Congressperson and ask him or her

to vote YES on House Concurrent Resolution 51. You can look up your member of congress at the following link:



It doesn’t look like what you think it does. Read this if you have kids or grandkids who go anywhere near a pool.

News you might use

Flying to Asia over the North Pole exposes you to a lot of radiation.

How hot is it?

So hot, even turning on a light makes it hotter.

Fund drive

I hope you all enjoyed this holiday weekend’s musical selections. Just a reminder that the fund drive continues.

Only a small handful of regular readers have donated so far. It’s greatly appreciated, but I wonder why I haven’t heard from the rest of you. I know times are hard, but think about how it looks from my end: I’m virtually unemployable because of my political writing (HR people do love to use Google to find malcontents like me!) and it looks like this might be it for the foreseeable future. So I really need your support.

If you can still afford the occasional McDonald’s meal or a latte at Starbucks, why not skip the extra fat and sugar and make a donation instead? Your arteries will thank you, and so will I!

P.S. You do NOT need a Paypal account to donate.

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