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Wondering where the lions are

Bruce Cockburn:

Here and heaven

The Goat Rodeo sessions:

This must be the place

Talking Heads:

This ain’t no picnic


Read this

You’ll like it, honest. Our commenter K wrote it.

Save the hammer for the man

Tom Morello and Ben Harper:


There’s no room for humor in the authoritarian mind:

Police in the Siberian city of Barnaul have asked prosecutors to investigate the legality of a recent protest that saw dozens of small dolls – teddy bears, Lego men, South Park figurines – arranged to mimic a protest, complete with signs reading: “I’m for clean elections” and “A thief should sit in jail, not in the Kremlin”.

“Political opposition forces are using new technologies to carry out public events – using toys with placards at mini-protests,” Andrei Mulintsev, the city’s deputy police chief, said at a press conference this week, according to local media. “In our opinion, this is still an unsanctioned public event.”

Activists set up the display after authorities repeatedly rejected their request to hold a sanctioned demonstration of the kind held in Moscow to protest disputed parliamentary elections results and Vladimir Putin’s expected return to the presidency in a March vote.

Passersby admired the display with giggles, but police took it more seriously, examining its details and writing down each placard.

Hula hoop

What it’s like to be one:

Silver lining

If there’s one thing that makes me happy despite all the bad news, it’s that people aren’t taking it laying down anymore. Pushback is much more common these days:

A Connecticut mayor who sparked a firestorm of criticism for quipping “I might have tacos” when interviewed by a TV reporter about the arrest of four town police officers accused of racially profiling and bullying Latino residents got more than he bargained for.

More than 2,000 tacos were delivered to the office of East Haven Mayor Joseph Maturo on Thursday, ordered by people who found his comments insensitive racially offensive. The send-the-mayor-a-taco campaign, which took off via tweets, cellphone texts and social-media shares, was organized by Reform Immigration for America, a group that advocates comprehensive immigration reform.

A bulk order of 500 tacos was hand-delivered to the mayor’s office by members of Junta for Progressive Action, a Latino nonprofit in New Haven, Conn. Others texted in individual orders.

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