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Class warfare, my ass

Jon Stewart tries to educate Fox News:


Yeah, laying off all those postal workers will really help the economy. Jesus, once upon a time I used to be impressed by academic credentials, but when you see how many stupid people there pushing this austerity crap, well…


I’ve been doing a lot more of it lately because I discovered that wearing an eye mask to block out the light allows me to get eight hours’ sleep instead of five. Yay!

Hah hah

Now Bachmann claims she went to work for the IRS as some kind of spy to learn how to defeat them!

Nah, the pay and benefits had nothing to do with it.

Is there no end to the perfidy of Wall Street and their enablers? Even for Darrell Issa, who’s been rumored to boost a car or two, this is truly outrageous:

Has Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) turned the House Oversight Committee into a bank lobbying firm with the power to subpoena and pressure government regulators? ThinkProgress has found that a Goldman Sachs vice president changed his name, then later went to work for Issa to coordinate his effort to thwart regulations that affect Goldman Sachs’ bottom line.

In July, Issa sent a letter to top government regulators demanding that they back off and provide more justification for new margin requirements for financial firms dealing in derivatives. A standard practice on Capitol Hill is to end a letter to a government agency with contact information for the congressional staffer responsible for working on the issue for the committee. In most cases, the contact staffer is the one who actually writes such letters. With this in mind, it is important to note that the Issa letter ended with contact information for Peter Haller, a staffer hired this year to work for Issa on the Oversight Committee.Issa’s demand to regulators is exactly what banks have been wishing for.

Indeed, Goldman Sachs has spent millions this year trying to slow down the implementation of the new rules. In the letter, Issa explicitly mentions that the new derivative regulations might hurt brokers “such as Goldman Sachs.”Haller, as he is now known, went by the name Peter Simonyi until three years ago. Simonyiadopted his mother’s maiden name Haller in 2008 shortly after leaving Goldman Sachs as a vice president of the bank’s commodity compliance group. In a few short years, Haller went from being in charge of dealing with regulators for Goldman Sachs to working for Congress in a position where he made official demands from regulators overseeing his old firm.

It’s not the first time Haller has worked the revolving door to help out Goldman Sachs. According to a report by the nonpartisan Project on Government Oversight, Haller — then known as Peter Simonyi — left the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 2005 to work for Goldman Sachs, then quickly began lobbying his colleagues at the SEC on behalf of his new firm. At one point, Haller was requiring to issue a letter to the SEC stating that he did not violate ethics rules and the SEC agreed.

Wild night

Crazy. First of all, as I headed south on 95 to Delaware, I was driving into an immense lightning storm. I also saw something I’d never seen before: the huge orange setting sun, blocked out by the storm clouds so that it looked like it was floating in some big purple ball of gas.

The storm was really, really bad. I slammed into it at the airport and I couldn’t see more than a few yards. Everyone slowed down to 20mph or so; I wished I’d thought to get into the right lane so I could pull over and wait out the storm, but I didn’t. Instead, I inched along through the center lane. It even started to hail, and I was praying that it didn’t smash my windshield.

Anyway, finally got to the World Cafe in one piece and I have to say, Matt’s show was so good, I forgot all about the drive. It’s such a relief when someone you know is that good; you’re not fumbling for something positive to say. And the crowd loved him. Opening act Jacobs Hill joined Matt’s band on stage for a finale of “The Weight,” and then the magic was over.

So I came home. Now I’m going to bed. Goodnight!

Falling slowly

Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova from “Once”:

Whiter shade of pale

Procol Harum:

Go now

Moody Blues:

Nobody wins

Radney Foster and Kim Foster with the song they co-wrote:

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