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The NYPD scooped up Chris Hedges and 15 other protesters on Thursday. Meanwhile, Lloyd Blankfein and his fellow rats remained free and presumably busy in their gilded sewer, where they package shit and call it securities. More here.

Live broadcasting by Ustream

Pacing the cage

Bruce Cockburn:

Meanwhile, in saner parts of the world

People are actually worried about this.

Cruel to be kind

Daryl Hall, T-Bone Wolk and Nick Lowe:

The Boho dance

Joni Mitchell:

My, this lifted my spirits! (via Newshoggers)

It’s all part of the plan

How are they going to get us to accept the new Third World reality if we still have a safety net? Remember: Cheap, disposable labor, with no rights or expectations. That’s the goal.

News flash

Washington Post ombudsman defends shitty attack on Social Security. I know, I was surprised, too!

Remember, remember

The 5th of November:

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