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Punching hippies

As I once famously pointed out, if you want hippies to vote for you, stop punching hippies!

How it’s done

Frank Luntz explains it all to Stephen Colbert:

Yay for Dick’s Sporting Goods

This is a very good thing that they’re doing. Way to go!

Drug ingredients

Now see, I didn’t know this. Which makes all that talk about how safe the U.S. drug supply is a bit hollow, eh?


Obama’s comments yesterday about unions and “shared sacrifice” were taken out of context. You can read more here.

Mensch of the year

Matt Damon.

Last night

Rich Eskow and I had a long and spirited discussion about lots of stuff, including Obama’s psyche and the primary wars. One of the things I like about Rich is that he keeps telling me I’m right!

Listen here.



Why we’re not Greece. (Wonk stuff.)

Supporting the troops

“Rigorous and extensive testing” of body armor – not.

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