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We are shocked, shocked, I say!

NEW YORK — Greg Mitchell, author of a recently updated book on media mistakes during the run-up to the Iraq War, So Wrong For So Long, revealed Saturday night on his blog that the Washington Post’s Outlook section had killed an assigned piece related to the press debacle that was slated for publication this weekend.

Mitchell noted that the Outlook section did run what he called a “misleading, cherry-picking” piece by Post media writer Paul Farhi, in which Farhi claims the media didn’t fail during the 2002-2003 rush to war.

The Post’s decision to run Farhi’s piece defending the press, and not Mitchell’s, got a lot of attention Sunday morning on Twitter. It was especially noteworthy given that the paper’s editorial board –- which helped promote the Bush administration’s bogus rationale for invading Iraq -– was silent on last Tuesday’s 10th anniversary of the start of the conflict.

Outlook editor Carlos Lozada told The Huffington Post that the Post didn’t run Mitchell’s piece because it didn’t draw the “broader analytical points or insights” the paper was looking for on the topic of Iraq War mea culpas. (Mitchell has posted his article here.)

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This week Cliff Schecter & Gaius Publius

• The sequester and benefit cuts: where we stand
• Gun legislation and recent action in the Senate
• Harry Reid, filibuster reform and progressive senators (the collegiality problem and how to solve it)

Plus media satire from Culture of Truth, author of the Bobblespeak Translations. Jay Ackroyd moderates.

Cliff Schecter – co-founder and part owner of Washington DC’s independent progressive radio station, We Act Radio, 1480AM; nationally syndicated columnist and political commentator – writes for Al Jazeera English and appears weekly on Take Action News w/ David Shuster and The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder. Follow @cliffschecter

Gaius Publius — Professional writer of stories, poems, and books on education & technology. Gaius has two political-themed works in process, one fiction and one non-fiction. Frequent writer and Contributing Editor at AMERICAblog.com. Occasional guest on Ring of Fire Radio, The Matt Filipowicz Show and other venues. Follow @Gaius_Publius.





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