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I love Meryl Streep’s performance in Carrie Fisher’s “Postcards from the Edge”:

Travelin’ soldier

Natalie Maines, Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis:


Japanese boy, 9, finds a cousin.


Path to transformation. If you’ve already experienced this, no one has to tell you. And if you haven’t, words wouldn’t help.

The return of the Grievous Angel

Gram and Emmy Lou:

She smiled sweetly

Mick and the boys:

Fetus fetishists

This is legal road where this kind of crap leads people: A woman losing custody of her newborn because she refused to pre-authorize a C-section.


Thom Hartmann:

Side effects

Did you know if you take a Zantac while you’re on Strattera that you get excruciating stomach pain? That your stomach swells up and hurts to touch? This is what I discovered at 3 o’clock this morning when I called an all-night pharmacy to ask whether this was from the drugs.

“Just keep drinking water to get the Zantac out of your system,” the pharmacist advised. “It won’t kill you.”

No, it just feels that way.


Our downtown Borders is closing. Too bad, bookstores are wonderful places — not to mention, it’s a blow to the singer-songwriter circuit, whose members could always count on Borders gigs to boost sales.

But in past years, I didn’t go to Borders to buy books. I bought greeting cards and gifts, but not books. It was too expensive compared to Amazon. I would have been just as happy to transfer my online book-buying habit to Borders, but they didn’t try to compete. (And yes, I know I “should” be buying from Powell’s, but oh well. I shouldn’t be eating TastyKakes, either.)

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