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On the hook

Think about how much cheaper it would have been if the UK hadn’t shoved “austerity” down their country’s throat.


Joe Stiglitz:

When the recession began there were many wise words about having learnt the lessons of both the Great Depression and Japan’s long malaise. Now we know we didn’t learn a thing. Our stimulus was too weak, too short and not well designed. The banks weren’t forced to return to lending. Our leaders tried papering over the economy’s weaknesses – perhaps out of fear that if we were honest about them, already fragile confidence would erode. But that was a gamble we have now lost. Now the scale of the problem is apparent, a new confidence has emerged: confidence that matters will get worse, whatever action we take. A long malaise now seems like the optimistic scenario.

Greg Palast

How he was set up by Piers Morgan.


Won 1, lost 2, one still up in the air. But it’s from Waukesha, where our favorite election official is playing games with the totals.

Burnin’ street

Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros:

Scroll down for lyrics.
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Street fighting man

Mick et al:

UK riots

The psychology of looting.

Don’t forget to turn out tomorrow to ask Pat Toomey where the jobs are, but don’t expect a straight answer. This guy toes the party line, as I found out during a recent correspondence with him or the flack who handles his e-mail.

One of those days, these days.

I might move to Minnesota.

I had to laugh when I saw the Agence France-Presse story about the “flash mob curfew” now in effect in my obscenely humid hometown of Philadelphia.

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