I think this is true in most states, by the way. Maybe depressed people shouldn’t have guns:

During the 12-year span between the mass shootings at Columbine and Aurora, Coloradans used guns to kill themselves about four times more frequently than they used them to kill each other, an I-News analysis of death certificates found.

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Honestly, none of them really know a goddamned thing:

A new study of 137 mummified bodies, some as old as 3,500 years, found a high prevalence of hardening of the arteries, which often presages heart attack or stroke.

The condition was common in four groups — ancient Egyptians, pre-Columbian people in Peru and Utah, and 19th-century Alaska natives — with different diets and ways of life.

“It kind of casts doubt on — makes us pause and think about — whether we understand risk factors as well as we thought we did,” said Randall C. Thompson, a physician at the University of Missouri who headed a research team of 19 cardiologists, radiologists and anthropologists.

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