Paul Krugman is tired of you people

As anyone who’s ever owned a car probably knows, money serves the same function for the economy as oil does for the engine of your car. We all know what happens when you let the car run out of oil (there’s a very good reason why they call that dashboard warning signal an “idiot light”). You know you can add a tiny bit of oil and get the engine working again, but you’re a damned fool if you don’t put in the full amount ASAP.

Those of us who know basic car maintenance can be, yes, a little bit annoyed with people who don’t understand how to take care of their own vehicle.

And that’s what Paul Krugman’s been talking about for four years now. The Bush administration, followed by the Obama administration, didn’t use enough stimulus oil and the engine of the economy has slowed to a crawl. (Hey pal, don’t you see that flashing IDIOT LIGHT?)

When you have a problem with your engine, the solution isn’t to drain the rest of the oil.

For those four years, I’ve watched Krugman try to explain things reasonably, trying not to offend people. He had the liberal’s fatal flaw: “This is just a matter of giving people the right information and obviously, then they’ll want to do the right thing.” I’d sit and watch, thinking, “When is he going to realize they’re trying to destroy the government and he has to stop giving them the benefit of the doubt?”

Seems like he’s finally reached that point. Good!


I remember seeing Janis Ian perform this at the Philly Folk Festival. It was her “comeback” appearance (she couldn’t have been more than 22 or so) and I remember seeing her silhouetted against the sinking sun as she sang. The crowd exploded when she was done; we knew we’d heard something special:

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