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So far away

Happy 69th birthday, Carole King!

So in love

Curtis Mayfield:

48 years ago today

Walking On a Wire

What carbon bubble?

The stronger the evidence of climate change, the fiercer the backlash from the fossil fuel industry.



Tomorrow would have been my 37th wedding anniversary – if I hadn’t gotten divorced, and if he hadn’t died. But you know what I mean. It means I’m old.

When he was good

From Rod Stewart’s first solo album (1969), released not long after he broke with the great guitarist Jeff Beck. This was before Stewart stopped singing songs about working-class characters and turned into a Hollywood poof (“Do Ya Think I’m Sexy”). More here.

Katrina and Black History Month

The disastrous storm’s devastation of poor black sections of New Orleans sparked creation of ColorOfChange, dedicated to the rebuilding of Gulf Coast communities.

It’s all here, at the only news source you can really trust!

With the most Trusted Name in Fake Internet News… your friend and mine… the man with the plan, the flower of the hour of power in a sexy shower…

AP TICKER! [makes fake applause noises]

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