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Hard truths

There are women who will have sex, pretend or otherwise, with anyone they consider even a minor celebrity. And if those women engage with that man, and indulge in sexual activity with him, he becomes a sexual predator and a misogynist. He is now an outcast, unsuitable for human company.

I have so much trouble keeping the rules straight!

Look, men have a lot of screwy ideas about sex, much of it gleaned from a combination of two things. Watching or reading porn is one way; having sex with women who aren’t honest about what works is another. I know a lot of women who pretend to like those porn scenarios because their guys like it and they figure, what’s the harm?

Well, the harm is that they begin to believe that’s what all women want. And even a consenting woman faced with that kind of aggression might be scared.
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One for consumers as banks lose their expensive lobbying effort to prevent a cap on debit card fees.

Imagine how worried the politicians must be.

Uh oh

It’s so hot, part of the expressway is buckling.

Piling on

The morality police are leading the purge. I just called Allyson Schwartz’s office (she’s my representative) to complain about this. Meh.

I said I was sick of the way Democrats didn’t back their own members, that nobody made David Vitter resign even though HE broke the law. I said I didn’t care what pictures of what were floating around, that Anthony Weiner was one of the few Democrats in Congress who stood up for progressive policies and that I was just disgusted at how Dems were piling on.

Of course, now he’s history.

Her phone number is 202/225-6111.

UPDATE: As if this couldn’t be any more of a circus, turns out Weiner’s wife is pregnant.

No. Such. Thing.

As global warming. None. It’s all just one big coinky dink.

Last night’s show

With Nicole Sandler of Radio or Not was very stimulating! We talked at length about Anthony Weiner and what it means for Democrats; why Democrats are so resistant to building coalitions; and we also got into police brutality.

You can listen here.

3 Way Street

A look at why bikes and cars collide:

3-Way Street from ronconcocacola on Vimeo.


Steve Volk is one of a handful of reporters I respect, and I guess he has enough integrity that he can take an honest look at paranormal events. I really want to read this book.


Glenn Greenwald:

This is just pure mucking around in the private, consensual, unquestionably legal private sexual affairs of someone for partisan gain, voyeuristic fun and the soothing fulfillment of judgmental condemnation. And in that regard, it sets a new standard: the private sexual activities of public figures — down to the most intimate details — are now inherently newsworthy, without the need for any pretense of other relevance.

Do you fucking believe that?

[T]he need for smart investments that help America win the future must be balanced with the need to control spending and reduce the deficit.

“Win the future,” otherwise known as “WTF?”

Call your senators today. Tell them you don’t give a shift about the deficit, you want a jobs bill.

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