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Midnight blue

I saw her at the old Bijou Cafe back in the day. Melissa Manchester:

The right thing to do

Carly Simon:

Wild world

Cat Stevens:

I only want to be with you


She’d rather be with me

The Turtles:

Mr. Andrea Mitchell

Still making trouble.

Things I forgot to take on vacation

My toothbrush. The bag of books I saved all year to read on vacation.

Oh, and power steering fluid. I developed a sudden need for this while I was gone. It’s been so long since I had a car that broke down all the time that at first, I didn’t recognize the sound. All I knew was that it was late at night, I was driving home on a dark, rural road, and my car was making horrible loud moaning and thumping noises. (I really hate that.) Fortunately, it was no big deal — but it made for a tense ride.


And I’ll be easing my way back into this blogging thing. (You know it’s bad when you have an anxiety attack on your way home, but whatever.)

Karla Bonoff:

Galway girl

Steve Earle and Sharon Shannon:

Can’t let go

Lucinda Williams:

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