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Girls’ night out

My friend Cos and I will be hanging out at the Dawson St. Pub tonight for Acoustic Night. (One of the featured acts is our friend Matt.) So if you want to catch a good show, come on down!

The carefully coiffed Texan with the designer cowboy boots is looking to take full advantage of the Bush Supreme Court’s disastrous Citizens United decision. Already, so-called “Super PACs” created to generate money for Perry are looking as dirty as the laws that allow for this sort of fundraising…

Long long time

Linda Ronstadt:


To sir with love


I’m into something good

Herman’s Hermits:


Carole King:


So people are turning out at Republican town halls demanding jobs and tax increases, but for some reason the national media is not covering it.

Are they waiting for riots here before they notice?

Austerity and riots

Always hand in hand.

Harder faster longer!

If at first austerity cuts don’t succeed, do a lot more of them!

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