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Cold and wet at Occupy Philly

I spent the morning going through my drawers, looking for warm socks and sweaters to spare for the folks at Occupy Philly, since we do have a winter nor’easter going through. (And snow. Jesus Christ, I still can’t believe it.) I took the stuff down, and the loading crew looked so cold and miserable, I drove to the closest Dunkin’ Donuts, bought some coffee and doughnuts and took them back.

One of the young women on the crew came up to my car window and said, “You don’t know what it means, to get something hot to drink and some food while we’re doing this… Thank you.”

“Yeah, I figured,” I said. “But thank you, for what you’re doing.” And we smiled at each other.

If you want to drop off blankets, tarps, sleeping bags, socks or coffee, pull up into the loading area on the JFK Blvd. side of City Hall.

Birdhouse in your soul

They Might Be Giants:

Fall in Philadelphia

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Rosanne Cash:

Lost in my mind

The Head and the Heart:

Can activism replace antidepressants?

Food for thought!

How to keep Wall Street occupied

This is a great idea:

Halloween ‘fun’

Just disgusting.

Dave Ramsey

[Via] Just go read the rest:

People have been talking about Dave Ramsey even more since he bought a $4.9 million house. The opinions are pretty polar; everyone is either proud of his success or disappointed that he professes Christianity from his 13,000 square foot home with a bath that has an alleged 18 shower heads. I will let you absorb this. When people ask him how this aligns with the faith he professes Dave has responded with “Most of the patriarchs in the Bible were wealthy,” “You’re managing money for God” and “The Bible doesn’t tell you to be poor.” [1] Christian culture seems to swallow this just fine.


Still in denial about the snow that will hit us later today. Right now it’s a steady, chilly rain. Trying to gather together extra hats, gloves and scarves to drop off at Occupy Philly!

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