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From Consumers Report, some advice for those of you who have lawns to maintain:

“It’s a sure sign of spring: The robins return and millions of lawn owners head out to apply fertilizer and weed-killers to their lawns–a rite widely known as ‘weed and feed’,” Rossi writes on his Cornell blog. But unless you have a history of weed problems, Rossi recommends skipping the whole thing. He says Memorial Day and Labor Day are better times to apply fertilizer.

In the “Slacker’s guide,” Rossi and several other turf experts offer advice that will save you at least 65 hours of work this season. But one place you shouldn’t skimp is on mower maintenance, according to Peter Sawchuk who conducts the mower testing at Consumer Reports. In addition to keeping a sharp blade, Sawchuk recommends using fresh gasoline, adding a stabilizer, checking the oil and changing the spark plugs if necessary.


Wild Flag:


by Susie
I ironed for hours last night, even sheets. (Yes, even fitted sheets.) Nothing I like better than freshly-ironed sheets! Lots of people like them, just not enough to actually iron them. But I’m one of those people.

I sat down with the ironing board in front of the teevee and watched “Love Me or Leave Me,” starring Doris Day and Jimmy Cagney. (It’s the story of singer Ruth Etting.) Time just flew!

Cowboys to girls

The Intruders:

Sister Rosetta Tharpe:

It’s coming

by Susie
A revolution in the Catholic church.

Good Friday, Friday

Ha ha!

Living in L.A./Rock star

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Julian Coryell is a really interesting musician, the son of famed jazz guitarist Larry Coryell, and this is from a great album. I saw him several years ago as the opening act for Nanci Griffith and was just blown away. Turns out he attended Berklee College of Music with a friend, who promptly warned me not to “get involved” with him. Heh. As if I’d ever date another musician! (Or lawyer, or politician, for that matter.) No, it was strictly his musicianship that interested me.

Where is my mind

by Susie
The Pixies:

Buy and sell

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