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So in love

Curtis Mayfield:

‘Robin Hood in reverse’

by Odd Man Out
Ayn Rand is Paul Ryan’s hero. Ryan’s budget plan, which is backed by Mitt Romney, is a tribute to Rand’s ability to inspire mean-spirited people to elevate their meanness into law. More here.

Nothing seems to matter

Live Bonnie:

Don’t play that song for me


Alabama Shakes

Everybody’s talking about their live set at South by Southwest:

American skin (41 shots)

Bruce played this chillingly apt tune in Tampa tonight:

Love has no pride


What I like about you

The Romantics:

Out of the game

Rufus Wainwright with the title track from his newest album, out in May:

Deep thought

When you drink juice made from beets, it shows every single spot on your teeth where you have plaque.

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