The dirty hippies were right

Sexy young woman posing in her bedroom while wearing sexy lingerie

For as long as women have had breasts, women have been wearing bras, although the bra that we recognize today was first introduced in 1914. Most women have a love/hate relationship with their bra, refusing to leave the house without one, but counting down the moments until they can take it off again. Are there truly… Continue Reading →


Hitler was on cocaine and his troops were on meth: Author reveals deep influence of drugs in Nazi Germany

Gay Hitler_Southampton_Mountbatten Way

By late 1944, Nazi Germany was facing Allied armies to the west and six million Soviets to the east. Overhead, Allied planes were hitting Germany with near-constant city-leveling bombing raids. But at grim military briefings, generals found German dictator Adolf Hitler upbeat, optimistic – euphoric even. “I call it the Fuhrer-high; it makes you feel on… Continue Reading →


Sean Hannity – with his $29M salary and private jet – slams ‘overpaid’ media elites

Sean Hannity on Twitter

Hannity said all of this without a trace of irony, which I guess is his hallmark: saying things which are demonstrably false, and claiming otherwise. He’s probably the highest paid person on cable news, yet claims to be a man of the people, despite his own lavish lifestyle of mansions and private jets, in some perverse‚Ķ Continue Reading →


R.I.P. Agnes Nixon

Agnes Nixon, 93. She revolutionized soap operas, bringing things like abortion rights and gay kids into our living rooms.

Her soaps were also very, very, funny and had some great characters. Nixon was always winking at the audience, we were all in on the joke.


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