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uranium shipment

CHISINAU, Moldova — The sample of highly-enriched uranium, of a type that could be used in a nuclear bomb, arrived here on a rainy summer day four years ago, in a blue shopping bag carried by a former policeman. According to court documents, the bag quickly passed through the hands of three others on its way… Continue Reading »

Yepper. A lot of people are getting screwed with these charges now:

TRENTON — A state Assembly committee Monday approved legislation that would prevent consumers from getting surprise out-of-network medical bills that can saddle them with huge bills. The measure would require hospitals and doctors to disclose whether they are part of a person’s insurance network before treatment occurs. The bill was praised by consumer advocates and picked… Continue Reading »

‘Me too!’

Marco Rubio, Ben Carson & Ted Cruz

It’s hard to say who’s more looney tunes:

Not content with Donald Trump having all the attention for his latest string of bigoted statements, Ben Carson told CNN today that he too saw footage of Muslim residents of New Jersey celebrating the 9/11 attacks:

Trump did get back up from his primary opponent Ben Carson, who told reporters gathered in Nevada that he did see celebrations of American Muslims in New Jersey after 9/11.

“I saw the film of it, yes,” he said. Asked what kind of film, he said: “The news reels.”

“There are going to be people who respond inappropriately to events like that. I think that was an inappropriate response I don’t know if on the basis on that you can say all Muslims are bad people,” Carson said.

If only we didn’t have regulatory capture

Medical Tests.

We might not have these problems:

WASHINGTON — Inaccurate and unreliable medical tests are prompting abortions, promoting unnecessary surgeries, putting tens of thousands of people on unneeded drugs and raising medical costs, the Food and Drug Administration has concluded.

Life-threatening diseases go undetected in some cases. In others, patients are treated for conditions they do not have.

“Patients have been demonstrably harmed or may have been harmed by tests that did not meet F.D.A. requirements,” federal investigators concluded in a report to Congress last week.

The findings come at a time when the use of laboratory-developed tests is booming, the Obama administration is seeking new regulatory powers and even Republicans in Congress are working on legislation to set stricter standards. The new standards, whether set by Congress or by the administration, would be the most significant change in the regulation of laboratories since 1988, lawyers say.

In 20 case studies — half involving tests used to diagnose and treat cancer, others focused on heart disease, autism and Lyme disease — the F.D.A. laid out a compendium of serious problems.

It’s indeed a mystery

If only Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy, where does the constant flow of misinformation come from?

The battle for America


I try not to let myself think about it directly, but there are some really dangerous things going on in this country right now and it’s scary. Go read the rest of what Charlie Pierce has to say:

If you can figure out where, say, the public accommodation provisions of the various Civil Rights Acts fit into that constitutional paradigm, you’re a helluva lot smarter than I am. These are no longer fringe views. They are the essence of modern Republican party political thought, and they brook no deviation from any politician who wants to succeed as a Republican. (Here’s where I point out that Louisiana just elected a pro-gun-rights, anti-choice Democratic candidate to be its governor.) There is a “definitional debate” that is going on right now. What is being defined is the country itself.

I’m so lonesome I could cry

Hank Williams:

You’re only human

Billy Joel:

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