Quote of the Decade

Boing Boing’s techmeister Cory Doctorow said this about Apple, but I have to say, I think it applies to everything – especially politics:

Relying on incumbents to produce your revolutions is not a good strategy.


I can’t really disagree with Paul Rosenberg:

If we continue seeing a “recovery” like we now have, Democrats may avoid a bloodbath in November. It’s a good sign that we have significant job growth this past month, for the first time in years. But given how many workers have given up even trying, the immediate results of job growth should not be expected to reduce the unemployment rate, which reflects the rate for those actually looking for jobs. And even if the unemployment rate does start going down, that doesn’t remove the very real threat of a double dip recession, especially in light of foreseeable bad news about the next wave of foreclosures, which could well hit just in time to sink Obama’s chances of re-election.

In short, Obama’s indifference to the suffering of tens of millions of Americans may or may not result in Democrats’ loss of Congress in 2010 and/or his own loss of re-election in 2012. Because Republican victories would be utterly catastrophic, I have to hope that these losses don’t come to pass. But Obama’s governance so far has been disastrous for the middle class. Supporting disaster as opposed to catastrophe is not my idea of a good place to be politically. And a politician who gives us that choice is not remotely a competent one.

And that’s not saying anything about his utter failure to even fight for a credible response to global warming, or his continued support for the Bush/Cheney “long war” approach to the “war on terror”, the very existence of which is a victory for al Qaeda.

This is incompetence on a breathtaking scale. This is Nero fiddling while Rome burns. And the fact that Obama is a superb fiddle player (first black fiddle player evuh!) does not even come close to making any sort of difference at all.


Because you can’t eat just one!

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) — Atlantic City police say a Frito-Lay delivery truck was stolen, abandoned and recovered, but not before some people helped themselves to “free” snacks.

Police Sgt. Monica McMenamin said the truck was stolen at about 10:45 a.m. Thursday when the driver went inside a store on Baltic Avenue, four blocks west of the Boardwalk casinos, to make a delivery.

When officers found the truck abandoned a short time later on nearby Maryland Avenue, people were running off carrying bags of chips.

Good Friday Traffic

First, I-95 was crawling. Then when I finally got to the expressway entrance, I saw it was a parking lot. So I veered off into a side exit and had to drive through heavy downtown traffic, made worse by some emergency that required an awful lot of ambulances and police cars.

So I crawled through the university area, which was packed. (Don’t students go home for Easter? What am I missing?) Then, when I got to the restaurant where I was meeting my friend, the entire block was ringed with heavy traffic and there was nary a parking spot in sight.

Oy. I talked to a couple of friends today, and they all said the same thing. Who knew Good Friday was such a big day for traffic? They can’t all be buying Easter candy at the last minute.

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