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I remember covering a Klan rally two decades ago, and it was a very scary thing — especially when people started heaving bricks at their cars as they drove away. But this? Just astounding:

Is this an early April Fool’s prank, or has everyone at the Scripps Howard News Service been hit with the stupid stick — hard?

I read the piece with ever-increasing slack-jawed amazement, my eyebrows raised so high they nearly met my hairline. Clearly an attempt to portray the kinder, gentler side of the Klan, it is an epic journalistic fail. Here’s the first line: “There’s a lot to be angry about if you’re in the KKK.” Well, that’s one way of putting it! It goes on from there:

As local leader of the Loyal White Knights, Edward the Exalted Cyclops organized a barbecue last month to make plans for Saturday’s demonstration to show that white people still have rights.

Edward curses sparingly, drinks rarely, and keeps his hair clipped short — his tribute to his old-fashioned Christian values.

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My sweet lord

George Harrison:

When the battle is over

Delaney and Bonnie:

I say a little prayer

Dionne Warwick:

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Get right with God

Lucinda Williams:

Poems prayers and promises

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Dream a little dream of me

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The duck man

Three years old, but wonderful:

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