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Peter Gabriel:

Diamonds on the soles of her shoes

I was lucky enough to see Paul Simon’s Graceland tour:

Occupy Sandy

A short film by Gasland director Josh Fox.


In the big picture, I don’t think this really matters. I mean, it’s disgusting, unethical and highly inappropriate, but Obama’s made it pretty clear he wants this pipeline and I don’t think he’s going to appoint anyone who isn’t going to approve it:

Susan Rice, thought by many to be Obama’s number one pick for Secretary of State, holds millions of dollars in investments in Canadian oil companies and banks with stakes in the $7 billion Keystone XL Pipeline, according to a piece out today from OnEarth, a magazine published by the environmental advocacy group Natural Resources Defense Council. As head of the State Department, Rice would have ultimate authority in determining the fate of the pipeline, which would link northern Alberta’s remote oil sands fields to Texas’ Gulf Coast refineries.

The piece reveals that Rice has significant holdings (PDF) in more than a dozen Canadian oil companies and banks that would benefit from the growth of the Canadian tar sands industry and the construction of the controversial pipeline. OnEarth’s Scott Dodd finds that nearly a third of Rice’s personal net worth—estimated in 2009 to be between $23.5 million and $43.5 million—is invested in Canadian oil producers, pipeline operators, and other energy companies including several with egregious environmental records on both sides of the border. Financial disclosure reports further show that Rice has between $300,000 and $600,000 invested in TransCanada, the company that is seeking the permit from the State Department to build sections of the pipeline from Oklahoma to the Canadian border.

“It’s really amazing that they’re considering someone for Secretary of State who has millions invested in these companies,” Bill McKibben, founder of the activist groups 350.org and Tar Sand Action which have organized protests against the Keystone XL project, told OnEarth.

Helpless heart

Maura O’Connell:


I love how Juanita Jean thinks:

You know how the Republicans are opposing Susan Rice because they want to force President Obama into appointing John Kerry so they can elect Scott Brown back to the senate in a special election, giving Republicans an extra new seat in the senate?

Here’s what I think. I think President Obama ought to say, “Fine. I appoint Bill Clinton to be secretary of state.”

Call their bluff, Mr. President. I would pay cash American money to see Bill Clinton wipe the floor with Mitch McConnell. I would.

The feet of a dancer

Charlie McGettigan:

The world is what you make it

Paul Brady:

The Obama administration auctioned off the rest of the oil in the Gulf of Mexico today.

The Secret History of Sex, Choice and Catholics from Catholics for Choice on Vimeo.

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