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Just cancel it

Really, it’s all they have to do.

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Ten commandments

This is how Texas plans to heal their people.

Pope to keep title

But give up his ruby red slippers!


Heads up

We’ll be doing some work on the site today, don’t freak out if you see changes. Thanks!


Prominent Republicans coming out in support of gay marriage and immigration reform? It just goes to show: Prominent Republicans don’t really care about these social issues. Never did. These issues were useful “rube bait” for a long time, but now that Republicans can’t win an election, they’re looking for a bigger tent full of all new rubes. All they’re trying to change is their image. Let me know when they come out in favor of a progressive tax system that doesn’t favor the wealthy, funding for quality education for all and a sane environmental policy. Then I will know something’s actually changed.

Once in a very blue moon

Nanci Griffith:

Together again

Emmy Lou:

I loved a cowboy

I have the hardest time letting go of relationships — until I finally, really decide, and then it’s done. This song was the little anthem I’d use to push myself out of the latest mess. Lynn Miles:


The IRS just called to tell me they’re leaving me alone, unless I win the lottery.

Your image of God

This explains a lot. I get really frustrated with people who see God as an angry dad:

Your image of God creates you—or defeats you. There is an absolute connection between how you see God and how you see yourself and the whole universe. The word “God” is first of all a stand-in for everything—reality, truth, and the very shape of your universe. This is why theology is important, and why good theology and spirituality can make so much difference in how you live your daily life in this world. Theology is not just theoretical, but ends up being quite practical—practically up-building or practically defeating.

After years of giving and receiving spiritual direction, it has become obvious to me and to many of my colleagues that most peoples’ operative, de facto image of God is initially a subtle combination of their Mom and their Dad, or any early authority figures. Without an interior journey of prayer or experience, much of religion is largely childhood conditioning, which God surely understands and works with. But this is what atheists and many former believers rightly react against because such religion is so childish and often fear-based, even if their arguments are blowing down a straw man. The goal, of course, is to grow toward an adult religion that includes both reason and faith and inner experience that you can trust. A mature God creates mature people. A big God creates big people.

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