When U were mine

Let’s not forget the mother of all these female arena stars: Cyndi Lauper! One of the best live performers I’ve ever seen:

Raise your glass

I don’t usually care about these concert spectaculars, but this performance of her anthem to the underdogs is wonderful. Pink:

Fuck you very much

She wrote this about the rightwing British National Party, and later dedicated it to George W. Bush. Now she says it applies to so many, she’d rather not say. The delightful Lily Allen:

Dolly Parton at Glastonbury 2014

I can’t imagine the wonderful Dolly Parton being invited to a rock and pop festival here, but she was one of the headliners at this year’s UK Glastonbury Festival. Just look at all those young kids singing along! Here in the U.S., I’d be surprised if anyone that age even heard of her. Our radio programming makes it so unlikely.

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