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Contraception Mandate Activism

I’m pretty sure the Texas wingnuts weren’t counting on this:

SAN ANTONIO (March 25, 2014) Planned Parenthood says it will build a $5 million abortion clinic in San Antonio that meets all of the strict new abortion standards adopted last year by Texas lawmakers.

Planned Parenthood South Texas President and CEO Jeffrey Hons said at a fundraising event that the facility will follow new ambulatory surgical standards.

He said $3.5 million has been raised so far for construction.

An estimated 16 clinics across the state have closed since the new law went into effect and additional clinics are expected to close in the coming months.

Critics of the law say women’s access to legal abortions has been severely limited.



My ex-mother-in-law appeared to me in a dream. I told her how healthy she looked (she’s been dead for more than 15 years) and she burst into tears. She ripped open her shirt and said, “Look what they did to me! They got it all wrong!” Her chest was covered with peculiar scars. (In real life, she has multiple open-heart surgeries and a full mastectomy.) I felt very sad for her.

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