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Right to be wrong

Joss Stone:

Tattooed Love Boys

Ain’t That Love

Crazy Love

Can’t Buy Me Love

A spy in the house of love

The Db’s:

Love Interrupted

I want love to grab my finger gently
Slam then in a doorway
Put my face into the ground


Bloody your hands on a cactus tree
Wipe ‘em on your dress and send it to me

“Cactus” is by the Pixies. The studio version by Bowie is on his album Heathen.

Frank Rich made good points in defending Harry Reid against illustrious Republicans Ann Coulter and RNC Chairman Reince “What Planet Am I From” Priebus, who has accused Reid of being a “dirty liar.”

More here.


So I’ve been limping all week and just got my second opinion saying the same thing, which is that it probably had nothing to do with the acupuncture — the problems seem to be from a large, fluid-filled cyst behind my knee that’s pulling on everything else.

I also have a torn biceps muscle, but that’s another story.

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