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JFK, 50 years later

From Lawrence O’Donnell last night. Watch it and try not to cry:

Walk away Renee

The Left Banke:

Love is for lovers

The dB’s:

Down by the river

Neil Young and Crazy Horse:

A walk on the wild side

Lou Reed:


Interesting, don’t you think?

Italian authorities have seized €23 million ($31 million Cdn) of Vatican bank assets as part of an investigation into suspected money laundering.

The Vatican said it was confused as to why financial police targeted the funds in a Vatican account at the Rome branch of the Italian bank Credito Artigiano Spa.

“The Holy See is perplexed and surprised by the initiatives of the Rome prosecutors, considering the data necessary is already available at the Bank of Italy,” the Vatican said in a statement Tuesday.


I can’t stand him. He’s the Reasonable Face of Wingnuttery, wrong about almost everything, but selling it in that “reasonable” package. So no, this does not surprise me even a little.

“Forward on climate” rallies yesterday

Big turnout of 35,000 in D.C.

Four thousand in San Francisco.

Los Angeles.



UPDATE: Baldwin denies it.

Alec Baldwin, who’s really smart and funny, inevitably reverts to being a 15-year-old racist chooch from Long Island whenever he loses his temper. Grow the fuck up, Alec.

Mind control

I’m sure this will have the crazies in their usual tizzy.

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