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“Showtime indeed!” / SML.20121230.IP3.Lifelog.Showtime.Homeland.Season.2

I don’t know how many of you watch the HBO series “Homeland,” but it started off well. It was a nuanced look at the war on terror, it showed that people had actual reasons for terrorism — other than a mindless hatred of non-Muslims. Muslims weren’t presented as monsters, which was refreshing.

And then it degenerated. It was a show I enjoyed watching, but the past two seasons have devolved almost into the kind of terror porn that marked “24,” the series that many soldiers cited as an inspiration to torture prisoners. (Which is only predictable, because “Homeland” and “24” have the same producers.)

At this point, I’m hate-watching. This season (with only one or two exceptions) was a parade of one hackneyed, over-the-top scenario after another. I don’t think I’ll watch it again.

Pope Francis on Trickle Down Economic theory

Morning Reads: Pope Francis’s Populism Rattles GOP; Debtors’ Prisons Return (via Moyers & Company)

Good morning! Only 364 shopping days left until Christmas! Before working on your list, take a look at some of the stories we’re reading on this slow holiday news day… He’s freaking them out –> Katie Glueck reports for Politico that Pope Francis…

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Inequality: An essential reader

Inequality: An Essential Reader (via Moyers & Company)

As we near the end of 2013, it suddenly seems everyone’s talking about inequality. Earlier this month, Barack Obama spoke of a “relentless decades-long trend” of “dangerous and growing inequality and lack of upward mobility.” Around the…

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Tidal Wave

I’m in some kind of mountain resort, vaguely German — surrounded by forest, lots of outdoor dining, music, food. I run into an old friend and we’re chatting at a picnic table.

Everyone looks up at the same time and sees a giant tidal wave (two, three hundred feet?) looming over us. They’re standing there transfixed, but not me: I start running the hell out of there to get to my hotel room, which is on the eighth floor. I remember thinking I was glad my ankle was functional again.

I make it to my room (either 846 or 856) and other people are starting to stumble in. I wonder if my friend has survived, and whether the place still has electricity. No one’s saying much.

Then I wake up.

Netanyahu says Hamas responsible for any Gaza fire (via AFP)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Thursday that Gaza rulers Hamas were responsible for any attacks from the Palestinian enclave, after deaths on both sides. “We have recently been subject to attacks against us,” he said at a pilots’…

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George Washington Bridge (3)

I’m just glad the rest of the company is getting to know the same Chris Christie we do.

Christmas power outage

I had no idea such a huge section of the country lost power over Christmas. I guess we should get used to it:

Christmas in the trenches

What the hell kind of blogger am I, that I forgot to run this on Christmas? John McCutcheon:

I want to hold your hand

Released 50 years ago yesterday. God, I’m old:

Why is Red Lobster failing?

Crab fest !

Do you suppose the bad food at high prices has something to do with it? The only thing that’s remotely palatable are the cheese biscuits, and you can find the recipe online.

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