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Shipping Up to Boston

Dropkick Murphys.


Lyle Lovett.

Keep the Wolves Away

Uncle Lucius.

Baby I Love Your Way

Peter Frampton.

Chemical Warfare

RIP Jeff Hanneman, Slayer guitarist.

Sound of Madness

For my bro-in-law, a real-deal American bad ass.

Every move you make

So an FBI agent goes on CNN and says, basically, that everyone’s phone calls are recorded. Which doesn’t really surprise me — I’m just surprised that someone says it out loud.


CSNY, on the 43rd anniversary of the tragedy at Kent State.

Mother’s Day gifts

If you don’t know what to give the woman who pretty much has everything, this is a wonderful organization.


Yep. This is exactly what Obama has been up to:

This “permission structure” business illuminates the centrist Democrats approach to revoking the New Deal.  Bi-partisan commissions, historic presidencies, hostage-taking, tribalism are all tools for obtaining permission to violate core values that poll really, really well.

I told you before that I know for a fact that the White House was working with the Petersen people to push Social Security cuts. But they’re not as clever as they think they are, because they’re having a lot of trouble convincing the tattered remnants of our economy to complete the job and slit their own throats.

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