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Who killed JFK and why?

Thom Hartmann:


Senate just voted to change the rules for most nominees.


The post-antibiotic future

I think about this a lot, especially since they had me take so many antibiotics when I had diverticulitis. They gave me another prescription and told me to take them for the h. pylori in my intestine, but I can’t bring myself to do it:

In the United States, 2 million people are infected with drug-resistant “superbugs” every year, and at least 23,000 die as a result. Such numbers, journalist Maryn McKenna suggests, will seem trivial if we reach the point when all antibiotics are no longer effective — something that’s on track to become a reality.

Considering the full implications of a post-antibiotic era, McKenna concludes that it wouldn’t be so different from the apocalypse. And to know what we’re facing, we need only look at where we’ve come from:

Before antibiotics, five women died out of every 1,000 who gave birth. One out of nine people who got a skin infection died, even from something as simple as a scrape or an insect bite. Three out of ten people who contracted pneumonia died from it. Ear infections caused deafness; sore throats were followed by heart failure. In a post-antibiotic era, would you mess around with power tools? Let your kid climb a tree? Have another child?

To start with, McKenna writes, the loss of antibiotics will mean the end of modern medicine as we know it, impeding everything from surgery to chemotherapy to the far more prosaic:

At UCLA, [Dr. Brad] Spellberg treated a woman with what appeared to be an everyday urinary-tract infection — except that it was not quelled by the first round of antibiotics, or the second. By the time he saw her, she was in septic shock, and the infection had destroyed the bones in her spine. A last-ditch course of the only remaining antibiotic saved her life, but she lost the use of her legs. “This is what we’re in danger of,” he says. “People who are living normal lives who develop almost untreatable infections.”

I know some other countries put an all-out effort to cut antibiotic use (I think Norway was one) and made great strides. If only we could do that here.

Uh oh

This is bizarre:

An Amtrak train en route to New York City from Harrisburg made a wrong turn last week and got lost in the Philadelphia suburbs, officials say.

According to CBS’ Philadelphia affiliate, the train left Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station, apparently missed a signal and accidentally wound up on tracks used by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority.

The train, with 130 passengers on board, stopped at a train station in Bala Cynwyd, Pa., where local crews helped the crew return to Philadelphia. Passengers were put on a different train and arrived in New York several hours later.

‘Leaving’ Afghanistan?

Up to 15,000 foreign troops could stay in Afghanistan: Karzai (via AFP)

Afghan President Hamid Karzai gave his backing Thursday to a proposed security pact with the United States that will see up to 15,000 foreign troops stay in the war-torn country. But he said it would not be signed until after next year’s election. A…

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‘Reporters never followed up’

Gary Hart on the John F. Kennedy assassination:

WASHINGTON — As the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s death nears, former presidential candidate Gary Hart, a member of the Senate committee that investigated JFK’s assassination, said that the press had failed in its responsibility to investigate the truth behind his killing.

Hart served on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Agencies, known as the Church committee, after chairman Frank Church. He recalled that while the committee was investigating the connection between the assassination, the Mafia and plots against Cuban President Fidel Castro, two of the three main figures involved were also killed.

“It’s amazing to me that American journalism never followed up on that story very much, because if you found out who killed those two guys, you might have some really interesting information on your hands,” Hart, who served as a Democratic senator from Colorado for two terms, told HuffPost in a recent interview.

There were “all kinds of leads” — had reporters followed them, he said. “I went down to Miami when [Johnny] Roselli was killed and talked to this Dade County sheriff from the Miami Police Department, and they showed me pictures of him being fished out of the water in the barrel and how he’d been killed — nightmarish stuff. And [Momo Salvatore] Giancana was killed in his own basement with six bullet holes in his throat with a Chicago police car and an FBI car outside his house,” he recounted.

According to CIA documents released in 2007, the agency hired Johnny Roselli, a high-ranking mobster, to eliminate Fidel Castro, offering to pay him $150,000. Roselli reportedly declined the money and worked with former FBI agent Robert A. Maheu; Giancana, Al Capone’s Chicago mob successor; and Santo Trafficante Jr., a mobster involved in Cuban operations, to unsuccessfully poison Castro with pills. Roselli disappeared soon after testifying before the Church committee, and his body was found inside an oil drum near North Miami Beach. Giancana was found dead at his Chicago home before he could testify to the Church committee.

While alive, Giancana and Roselli also reportedly communicated with Kennedy. In a 1988 interview with People Magazine, Judith Campbell Exner claimed she had an affair with the president, and that during that relationship she served as a courier between the president and Roselli and Giancana. The president’s brother, Robert Kennedy — then-attorney general — called for an investigation on Giancana.

The deaths of Roselli and Giancana in 1975 and 1976 occurred amid the Church committee’s ongoing investigations surrounding Kennedy’s assassination. That coincidence, Hart said, was suspicious enough to warrant press attention, and he was surprised that the press didn’t jump on the story.

“I was always amazed in that particular instance of the CIA-Mafia connection and the Cuban connection 12 years — coming up 12 years — after Kennedy was killed that somebody didn’t go after that story,” he said. “New York Times, Washington Post; anybody. And they didn’t. They reported the deaths and that was it, and the strange quirky coincidence, you know, but nothing more.”

The Men Who Killed Kennedy

This is the episode that was censored here in the U.S. and it answers a common question: If there was a conspiracy against Kennedy, why didn’t anyone ever come forward? The answer: Many people did.

Here’s another:

I’ll remind you that Barr McClelland, father of Bush press secretary Scott McClelland, was a prominent Dallas attorney who wrote a book claiming that the founder of his law firm arranged the hit for Lyndon Johnson. Johnson’s mistress says he confirmed it.


If little girls got this instead of Barbie’s Dream House.

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