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Monday morning roundup


Twisted: Trump says Porter sick, guilty; defends him publicly

How could a bill that will radically change where you can carry a gun in America not get any attention?

What a sweetheart this Wisconsin Republican candidate is.

Republican conspiracy theories get another debunk with the ‘Second Dossier’

Timothy Nolan: Former Donald Trump Campaign Manager Sentenced To 20 Years For Child Sex Trafficking

28-year-old Texas teacher dies from complication from flu; had delayed picking up Rx because she couldn’t afford $116 copay.

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro blames Barack Obama for Rob Porter wife-beating scandal

White House defends wife-beating staffer

Of course! Via the Intercept:

During the background interviews for Porter’s security clearance related to his senior White House role, FBI agents interviewed the two women. The former wives told the FBI that Porter was abusive during their marriages, according to interviews with the women. For Porter, the FBI interviews marked a collision of his professional ascendancy and his sometimes violent private life.

Colbie Holderness, Porter’s first wife, provided her correspondence with the FBI to The Intercept. (The FBI did not respond to a request for comment, and the agent involved in the exchange declined to speak about the case.) In an interview, she said the pattern of violence in her marriage to Porter began on their honeymoon in the Canary Islands in 2003 and continued from there.

“He only punched me once, in the eye,” Holderness said. It was during a vacation in Florence in 2005. She said, “He threw me down on the bed and punched me in the face. I think he was shocked that he had lost control to that extent.”

Porter resigned Wednesday, with an undetermined effective date, amid the allegations.

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