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Trump supports accused child molester for his tax plan vote

To those liberals who say Al Franken should resign for alleged butt grabbing, let’s take it down to the basics. We are fighting people who are willing to circle the wagons and support a child molester to get enough votes to pass their horrendous tax-theft bill. Under those circumstances, it’s a positive good to keep Al… Continue Reading →

A version of events


This just sounds like plausible deniability to me, where they take the truth and make it sound benign. I’m not buying Schiller’s version:

WASHINGTON — After a business meeting before the Miss Universe Pageant in 2013, a Russian participant offered to “send five women” to Donald Trump’s hotel room in Moscow, his longtime bodyguard told Congress this week, according to three sources who were present for the interview.

Two of the sources said the bodyguard, Keith Schiller, viewed the offer as a joke, and immediately responded, “We don’t do that type of stuff.”

Uh huh. That’s not what we hear, Keith!

The two sources said Schiller’s comments came in the context of him adamantly disputing the allegations made in the Trump dossier, written by a former British intelligence operative, which describes Trump having an encounter with prostitutes at the hotel during the pageant. Schiller described his reaction to that story as being, “Oh my God, that’s bull—-,” two sources said.

The conversation with the Russian about the five women took place after a morning meeting about the pageant in Moscow broke up, two sources said.

That night, two sources said, Schiller said he discussed the conversation with Trump as Trump was walking back to his hotel room, and Schiller said the two men laughed about it as Trump went to bed alone. Schiller testified that he stood outside Trump’s hotel room for a time and then went to bed.

One source noted that Schiller testified he eventually left Trump’s hotel room door and could not say for sure what happened during the remainder of the night.

Step by step, Mueller gets closer to Trump

Treasury Sec Mnuchin says Trump will see tax increase under tax plan

So when is Trump going to try to fire Mueller? After all, he’s interviewing Trump’s aides now:

Washington (CNN)White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller has been interviewed as part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, according to sources familiar with the investigation.

The interview brings the special counsel investigation into President Donald Trump’s inner circle in the White House. Miller is the highest-level aide still working at the White House known to have talked to investigators.

Miller’s role in the firing of FBI Director James Comey was among the topics discussed during the interview as part of the probe into possible obstruction of justice, according to one of the sources.

Special counsel investigators have also shown interest in talking to attendees of a March 2016 meeting where foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos said that he could arrange a meeting between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin through his connections. Miller was also at the meeting, according to a source familiar with the meeting.

From Josh Marshall:

With the news that Robert Mueller has a copy of the original letter on James Comey’s firing written by Trump aide Stephen Miller and Trump himself, we need to return to the great mystery of that lost hour on the tarmac on Air Force One.

What am I talking about? Well, with a touch of dramatic flair I’m talking about this odd and increasingly odd over time mystery about what was happening the night President Trump came back from his Bedminster villa after a weekend of stewing about James Comey and then fired Comey 36 hours later.

At the time, it just seemed like another Trump era weirdness. Air Force One landed. Jared got off the plane, put Ivanka and the kids in an SUV and then got back on the plane. And then Trump and a group of his closest aides were apparently arguing on the plane for about an hour while the traveling press cooled its heels and wondered what was going on. They never got an explanation. But after about an hour a rather disheveled President Trump got off the plane and went back to the White House. Who was there on the plane with Trump? Stephen Miller.

Go read the rest.

America, after the fall

Every day, I wake up and read Twitter before I get to work. What fresh hell faces us today? I think. Boils, frogs, locusts — all of the above?

I sit at my desk in the living room and assess the latest damage. Because it is my job to know things, I know the extreme right wing has been planning this stealth attack on democracy for decades, just waiting for the opportunity for their policy teams to parachute in and destroy what they can. None of this is an accident.

They thought their entree for 2016 was Ted Cruz, but that didn’t work out. Donald Trump was an agreeable puppet, because he needed the evangelical voters they supply, so there you go. They made lemonade. Trump doesn’t understand or care about policy, so he subcontracted it to the extremists.

For once, he didn’t stiff them.

Today, on the first anniversary of the Republicans’ right wing electoral coup (with a little help from their Russian friends), I walked into the voting booth like a zombie. Only 83 people so far in my precinct, so maybe my vote means something. Yes, Philadelphia has a corrupt Democratic machine, but here’s the difference: Democratic officials also do things for ordinary people. They like to fix problems, not create more of them.

Under the circumstances, I’ll take it.

When I was a child, I had a deep and abiding conviction that somehow, in my lifetime, we would live in a society of scarcity: water, food, warmth. As I brushed my teeth, I pictured myself explaining to future grandchildren, “We had so much water, we could let the tap run!” As I aged, I told myself I was being silly. Look at how much we have!

Such is the burden of living with one foot in the present and another in the future. This does not seem so theoretical to me any more. One day, we may all be Puerto Rico.


I went to the Popeye’s drive-in today and ordered a № 2 spicy, dark meat, string beans, sweet tea. I don’t frequently eat like this, but today is different. Their sweet tea tastes exactly like the strong, overly-sugared iced tea my late mother used to make — so strong, “the spoon could stand upright,” my sister and I used to joke. None of us make iced tea like that anymore; like my siblings, now I drink it weak, and unsweetened.

Today, I want my mother. I yearn for that familiar comfort.

Because our country is slipping away before our eyes, and it will take much more than indictments to fix it by the time the extremists are finished. They have successfully undermined any concept of objective truth; it’s all fake news, a plot. A pedophile ring operated by Hillary Clinton and John Podesta in the basement of a hipster pizza joint. The deep state undermining the rightful king of America.

And now, the right-wing Sinclair Broadcasting is poised to take over 71% of the nation’s media market. You could be forgiven if you get the impression that the merger seems inevitable. (I’m so old, I remember when executive Chairman David Smith got caught having oral sex with a hooker outside my son’s Baltimore apartment.) It will be the closest thing America has had to state-run media.

Everyone thinks it’s other people who are influenced by television and social media. Weak people, not like them. Yes, you’re right. That’s probably why all those giant corporations spend money on advertising; they simply feel like throwing money away.


I have been cautioned not to speak of politics to my relative’s in-laws at Thanksgiving. They are Long Island Republicans who voted for Donald Trump. I promised to avoid the subject — “unless they bring it up first.”

I don’t enjoy rebutting Republicans as much as I used to; there is simply no common ground with a world view shaped only by Fox, Breitbart, WND. Now I avoid talking to political civilians, even Democrats. There is no easy way to download all my years of experience and knowledge into their heads and I just sound paranoid and crazy, like Rowdy Roddy Piper in “They Live!”

If you don’t have the sunglasses, how can you see?

By the time everyone else wakes up, it will probably be too late.

Trumpcare executive order bound to bring higher premiums and lawsuits

Steve Bannon warned Trump about the 25th Amendment, and Trump didn’t know what it was

I don’t think we talk enough about what a complete idiot Donald Trump is. There’s lots of focus these days on his “moods,” his temper, his insanity. But there’s also the totally ignorant, stupid, numbskull part, too. Take this executive order he is signing today to “end the nightmare known as Obamacare.” The fact that it… Continue Reading →

Obama to speak out if Trump ends DACA

Barack Obama Gives Trump Presidential Tips in Parting Letter

Former President Barack Obama is said to be considering speaking out against Donald Trump’s alleged plan to scrap the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA). The president will reportedly announce on Tuesday a plan to end the Obama-era program within the next six months, a move those close to Obama say the former president will… Continue Reading →

Duck and cover: The sh*tstorm is finally here

General Michael Flynn: "D'oh!"

I’m not going to try to write it all, I’ll just give you the links. I suggest you read them all:

BREAKING: Grand jury subpoenas have been issued related to June 2016 meeting between Donald Trump Jr., Russian lawyers and others – sources

APNewsBreak: Flynn details tie to data firm, transition pay (that’s Robert Mercer’s Cambridge Analytica)

Ryan Goodman‏//Buried many paras deep in CNN story is this bombshell —
Possible evidence of Manafort at heart of collusion with Russia

Wall Street Journal‏: The New York property development business owned by Jared Kushner’s family has been subpoenaed

Haaretz.com‏// Bombshell: Israel Police confirm Benjamin Netanyahu suspected of bribery, fraud, breach of trust in 2 separate cases

I included this because of persistent rumors Bibi is linked somehow to the Russian money laundering. Who knows?

So there’s more than one grand jury in Virginia with one looking into Flynn, the one in DC looking into Trump, and at least one in NY state. FYI: Charges won’t include wiretap evidence or anything else that will disclose methods.

Getting some momentum now…

See no evil, hear no evil

Is this like a little kid who covers his eyes and thinks no one can see him?

In a recent closed-door briefing on Capitol Hill, National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers expressed frustration to lawmakers about his inability to convince the President to accept US intelligence that Russia meddled in the election, according to a congressional source familiar with the meeting.

Another congressional source said Rogers has shared concerns with lawmakers about the lack of White House focus on the continued threat from Russian cyber efforts, particularly relating to US voting systems. In addition, the US intelligence community sees such potential threats not only from Russia but also from China, North Korea and Iran.

One intelligence official said the intelligence community continues to brief Trump on Russia’s meddling in the election as new information comes to light. The source said the President appears no less engaged on issues surrounding Russian election meddling than on any other matters covered in the presidential daily brief. But the official acknowledged that Trump has vented his frustration with officials outside of the briefings about the amount of attention paid to the investigation into Russian election interference.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer insisted Trump is taking Russian cyberattacks seriously and said the administration is taking action — albeit quietly.

“The United States continues to combat on a regular basis malicious cyber activity, and will continue to do so without bragging to the media or defending itself against unfair media criticism,” Spicer said in a statement.

Support for impeachment is higher than approval ratings

Calls for Trump Impeachment http://buff.ly/2sEzoYdCalls for Trump Impeachment - Will trump be impeached? http://buff.ly/2qNYa7C #impeached #DonaldTrump #trump #awakeposttruth #trumpgate Calls for Trump Impeachment - Will trump be impeached? http://buff.lylly every single poll tracking President Donald Trump’s approval rating showed the figure plummeting Monday morning, well below the margin of error compared to the rising level of support for impeachment, following his controversial decision to withdraw the United States from the global Paris Climate Accord and amid an ongoing investigation into his campaign’s possible ties… Continue Reading →

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