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How the Supreme Court could empower the GOP election hijacking gang

Voter suppression in Alabama is in full effect today. AL voters- if you elect a sexist, racist, twice-removed-from-the-bench pedophile over the man who successfully prosecuted KKK murderers today in order to simply garner an extra legislative vote, you’ve

January is shaping up to be a big month for Republican vote suppressors-and not in a good way for anyone who believes American politics benefit when more people vote. On Tuesday, a U.S. District Court in New Jersey reversed a 36-year-old court order barring the Republican National Committee from using a voter-ambush technique known as “caging,” which its insiders notoriously used to purge Democrats from voter rolls. Continue Reading →

Under Trump, the future is voter suppression

Republicans have to lie, cheat, and steal to win. They suppressed 200,000 voters in Wisconsin alone, and Kris Kobach is the master of these dark arts:

WASHINGTON — A Kansas official who repeatedly has made unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud will help lead President Donald Trump’s new Commission on Election Integrity, sparking outrage among civil rights groups.

Trump on Thursday named Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach vice chairman of the commission. Vice President Mike Pence will serve as chairman.

The 12-member commission will review claims of improper registrations and voting, fraudulent registrations and voter suppression, White House officials told McClatchy.

“I’m very excited and honored to have this opportunity to serve the country,” said Kobach, who explained that Trump first asked him to serve on the commission in February. He pushed back on the idea that the commission was set up with the specific goal of validating Trump’s voter fraud claims.

“The commission does not begin with foregone conclusions,” he said. “All members of the commission are approaching it with an open mind. … The objective is to go where the facts lead us.”

Trump’s creation of the commission by executive order on Thursday — and Kobach’s role in particular — immediately drew fire from critics who called it a farce intended to perpetuate the president’s false narrative that millions of people voted illegally in November. They said the commission’s findings will be used to justify unnecessary restrictions on the right to vote.

“This commission is a fraud. And President Trump has chosen a fraud to be in charge of it,” said former Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander, a Kansas City Democrat who founded Let America Vote, a national organization dedicated to defending voting rights.

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