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  1. Even better, take a large garbage bag (lawn/leaf size), cut it along one side edge and slide it over the driver’s door, open edge obviously towards the windshield. That keeps the door gaskets from freezing up and protects the lock. Been there, done that!

  2. That’s why you always carry a lighter to heat the key to a point where it’ll melt the ice in the lock, except that before you can do that, you’ll drop the key because it’s so hot, and it’ll melt its way to the bottom of a three-foot snowdrift.

  3. Similar to Cath’s suggestion, save an old shower liner, cut it to fit the window, and leave it long enough for the magnets to stick below the lock.

  4. I’ve lived in deep snow country my entire life, and I’ve never heard any of these (except about heating your key and dropping it).

  5. keep one of those small injectors that will unfreeze the
    door lock to your car in either your jacket or purse.

  6. Squirt WD-40 in the keyhole once a year. It will keep the lock lubricated and won’t freeze. WD stands for water displacement.

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