Up to 60 mph winds around here today and about 30,000 people in the area without power. The Amtrak power lines between here and NYC were down, and there’s a forest fire burning out of control about an hour east of here.

I was visiting tech sensei Chris today, and his wife came back in the house after a walk to tell us a giant tree limb fell down right in front of her and the kids, blocking the entire street. Scary!

Driving home wasn’t much better. I was being blown all over I-95, and even when I got off the road, I drove right into a giant dust storm carried along by the strong gusts.

And while I was stopped for a light, I noticed the entire back end of my car was moving back and forth, just like a dog wagging its tail.

2 thoughts on “Windy

  1. i was on lincoln drive last night and there was a tree down blocking both westbound lanes.

  2. It’s not the radio version that I remember but, thanks so much for the memory!

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