6 thoughts on “Driving 55

  1. There is also a little widget on the web site to calculate the cost of commuting. I did a little scenario of driving 17 miles to a minimum wage job and found that the commuting cost consumed 4 hours pay.

    This is the real poverty trap of minimum wage work. And the cost of gas hasn’t got up to $4/gallon yet.

  2. If anyone wants to drive 55 then great for you, get over to the right lane, and stay the fuck out of my way !!

  3. There’s so much road rage out there that sometimes it’s scary just to drive @ the speed limit (65 mph) on the NJ turnpike, even in the right lane. It doesn’t matter if there’s a torrential rain or snow on the ground, there are many drivers who are compelled to drive 10 to 15 miles over the speed limit at all times. I’m too scared to drive 55 mph.

  4. Most of my driving is on two-lane state highways. when I used to drive my tiny Honda (in the land of Big Dodge 4X4 Trucks) I would get passed at such a close distance that once I almost got wind-bumped into the ditch. I went up to 56, and was angrily passed, but more safely. At 57, people just passed.
    I drive 57 now.

  5. ditto what marko says! enough with this 70’s flashback.
    really wanna improve gas mileage? get rid of all those lights and stop signs and drive highway speeds everywhere. yes, i’m joking but…

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