I feel like I’m living in a different country than the one the Democratic party describes to me.

Go read it. David Sirota sums up something I was thinking the day after the elections, which is that “progressives” are nothing more than shills for the Democratic party.

We will never change a thing unless we’re willing to lose elections.

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  1. Dear Progressive Senators:

    Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan was among the Clinton administration advisers urging the president to support a serious abortion restriction and to avoid reducing racist disparities in criminal sentencing. As Harvard Law School dean, Kagan “hired 29 tenured or tenure-track faculty members (and) did not hire a single black, Latino, or American Indian – not one, not even a token,” reports Duke University’s Guy-Uriel Charles. And in her solicitor general confirmation hearings, Kagan stated her belief that the government can hold terrorism suspects without trial.

    If this were a Republican nominee’s record, I expect we would hear you expressing grave concerns about the nominee.

    CNN’s Roland Martin wrote that “The Left’s” organizations “need to decide what matters: their principles or their politics … their convictions or chicken dinners in the White House.”

    Please speak up and let your voice be heard. Democrat or Republican, we do not need a Supreme Court justice who believes, contrary to the Bill of Rights, as well as the Geneva Conventions, that our government can hold suspects without trial. I urge you to vote against the Elena Kagan’s nomination.


    Your constituent. (with thanks and apologies to David Sirota)

  2. Sorta reminds me of the early Eisenhower years when blacks—who, at that particular juncture, were voting (or, at least, those who were allowed to) Republican for the most part, but drifting towards the Democrats, and did so en masse in ’60 when JFK ran and won. As a kid I remember very well how the debate within the AA community had lots to do with the “value” of one’s ballot: “Don’t waste your vote on Kennedy if he wasn’t gonna be in our corner” was what folks were saying back. Now, as Progressive voters and activists, maybe it’s time to ask the same question about the Democratic Party: “What have you REALLY done for us lately?”

  3. I’m with you on that one……………………….progressives have been treated as irrevelent, and Rahmie the MF, and his ‘progressives are retarded’ remark is the kicker.

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