6 thoughts on “Deep Thought

  1. Anyone familiar with western environmental issues knew Salazar’s appointment was NOT good news. “Drill here, drill now.” Mine here, mine now.” “Clear cut here, clear cut now.” “Industry’s not the problem, ‘environmentalists’ are the problem.” These phrases have always been his liturgy. And they’re why he, among all potential candidates, was appointed to the position.

  2. Oh, and just wait till uranium mining is expanded across the west. America’s Chernobyl exists in the 4-Corners area of New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Utah, but industry can’t be expected to clean it up. It’d make the industry ‘prohibitively expensive.’

  3. Maybe he can use his bolo tie as a tourniquet on the drilling pipe, and then scoop up the oil slick with his ten-gallon hat.

  4. Ron speaks for me. Salazar has always been a disaster waiting to happen. He’s bought and paid for. As for the American Chernobyl, google Church Rock uranium mill spill.

  5. Everybody knows it is rude to wear you hat in the house. It is just arrogance and vanity, two very bad character flaws.

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