Weiner Goes Ballistic

My, this did my heart good. I wish we had more Weiners, Graysons and Frankens:

House Republicans late Thursday were able to corral enough votes to defeat a bill that would have provided up to $7.4 billion in aid to those sickened by toxins resulting from the 9/11 attacks.

In the process, they set off a host of fiery speeches and denunciations from their Democratic colleagues and produced a veritable YouTube moment from Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y), whose district includes many of the affected.

At the heart of the debate was a procedural maneuver made by Democrats to suspend the rules before consideration of the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act. The move allowed leadership to block potential GOP amendments to the measure (there was worry that Republicans would attach something overtly partisan in hopes that it could pass on the otherwise widely-popular measure). It also meant that the party needed a two-thirds majority vote.

When the final tally was announced, there were 255 representatives for the measure, 159 against. The defeat of the bill, which would have provided free health care to those affected during the 9/11 rescue and recovery, likely means that the court system will have to settle compensation issues.

Weiner spoke right before the vote when it was clear that Republican lawmakers would stake their opposition on grounds of procedural concerns. But for the grace of the C-SPAN cameras, he managed to stay physically behind his lectern.

“The gentleman will sit!” he declared at one point, addressing, it is believed, Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.). “The gentleman is correct in sitting!”

By the way, for Montgomery County residents: Your nice “moderate” Republican Jim Gerlach voted against this bill. You might want to let him know how you feel about that.

9 thoughts on “Weiner Goes Ballistic

  1. Well now, that’s more like it. A little something in the tip jar for Mr. Weiner, yes? This is how you confront fascism. Fuck collegiality. Name the pig for what it is. You know, the various dem campaign committees should view clips like this. Maybe they wouldn’t be so confused why I refuse to donate to them and send my money to directly Weiner, Grayson and Franken instead.

  2. This bill isn’t dead. Therefore, nobody is actually against the bill. It just didn’t pass after a motion was passed to suspend the rules prior to the regular vote, which requires a piece of legislation to pass with a 2/3 majority instead of a simple majority (this goes on a lot). Democrats didn’t want to face having to vote on Republican amendments that must be allowed to be presented as per House rules, and some of the votes Democrats have to take might prove quite embarrassing (see Peter King’s comments). Weiner went nuts because he and the House Democratic leadership got caught trying to force this down without Republican input as they did with Porkulus, cap-and-tax, the Obamacare health deform, and the financial regulations deform. It is now up to the House Democratic leadership to bring this measure to a vote under House rules. Any delay on getting this passed is on them, not Republicans.

  3. Oh, bullshit. This little dance has been going on for the past two years — and of course voting on the amendments is “embarrassing,” they’re designed that way. “Up and down vote” — remember when that’s what the Republicans demanded on EVERYTHING?

    Go back to Beck, and the rest of your little friends in the Party of No.

  4. susie, you’re kidding, right? Democrats have controlled Congress since 2007. Which means they could have brought this bill up for a full House vote under the rules any time over those two years and didn’t, otherwise it would have passed, even if only Democrats voted for it. Weiner knows this. Pelosi knows this. But they still wanted to pass this under the suspension of House rules. Rep. King was right on the House floor last night he called this “a cruel hoax and charade” just prior to Weiner coming on to the floor and losing it. Weiner and Pelosi and the rest of the Dems got caught in the act of politicizing 9/11. And instead of acting like a man, Weiner lashed out and acted like spoiled, petulant, and guilty brat.

  5. It’s not worth arguing with someone who believes the Republicans are acting in good faith. Have a nice life!

  6. Oh, and the Democrats are acting in good faith? C’mon, who the hell do you think you are kidding?

    In fact, why don’t you change the name of your blog from ‘suburban guerilla’ which, by the way, is a totaly poseur sort of name, because not only don’t you own any guns, you’re never going to own a gun, and you’d never take up arms anyway, so anyway, change the name to “Middle class suburban white woman who is a Democrat and hates Republicans”.

    At least that would be sort of honest. You and Representative Whiner are quite a pair.

  7. Susie, “Oh yeah, well, You’re stupid!”

    All it takes to scare a liberal, is some intelligent thought from the other side of the aisle. I appreciate your effort, but you should try to know more about the situation before posting to your blog about it.

    Republicans wanted a chance to debate the controversial provisions in the bill, not block 9/11 victims from receiving medical care. That’s sure going to look good as a campaign slogan though! Politics Schmolitcs.

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