2 thoughts on “On The Radio

  1. Yes Suze, I’ll be listening. But I wanted to get your feel on the Obama electoral mystery: IMHO, he either doesn’t WANT to be president in ’12, OR, he wants to be prez in ’12 and knows that Biden can’t/won’t run in ’16.
    Assuming Obama wins in ’12, and given the last scenario, i.e. Biden announces his disinterest in a ’16 run, which in effect allows Obama to run rough-shod policy-wise (getting everything through that he missed or passed on this time around, and therefore opening a door for a real progressive in ’16). Foolish dreams? Or, a possibility? What do YOU think? Could anyone really be angling towards this type of strategy in the DEM caucus? If not, then I have to wonder what the fuck the DEMS have in mind other than just abandoning power altogether.

  2. I think Obama assumes he’ll have a second term, and I don’t think Joe Biden’s going anywhere.

    As to goals: Well, like any virus, they replicate and adapt in order to survive.

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