The Backlash

Got an advance copy of my friend Will Bunch’s new book last night and just love it! It’s about wingnuts and Tea Partiers, and how they were infuriated by Obama’s election.

Now, my own bosses at Crooks and Liars wrote a similar book, and so did Max Blumenthal. Both of those books were great, but have significantly different slants than this one.

The difference, I think, is the same strength Will brings to his work as a reporter. He’s got the rare reporter’s knack of interviewing wacky folks without condescending to them — he really wants to understand them. And the book is written as a sort of detective story: Where would you begin to learn about the Tea Party and what drives them? He takes all those random moments we’ve caught on the teevee or online, and weaves them into a fascinating narrative about where they came from and what it means.

It’s not out yet, but you can pre-order it on Amazon if you’re interested.

2 thoughts on “The Backlash

  1. Not ANOTHER book about the bad, bad Republicans!

    We already know what the problem with them is. It’s time we started looking at what’s wrong with us, and why we can’t unite behind a people’s agenda.

    Carolyn Kay

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