It’s Not As If They’ll Suffer

From The Guardian:

“These absurdly rich people do not deserve admiration. They are spending half their fortunes buying themselves pleasure and influence. If the Gateses, von Furstenbergs and Bloombergs want top ranking in the pantheon of benefactors they have to give away something really important. How about giving the poor the chance to decide the fate of the wealthy? How about delegates from the poorest 100 countries deciding how much of the world’s wealth they want to allocate to software developers, dress designers, film producers etc and how much to eradicating poverty?”

2 thoughts on “It’s Not As If They’ll Suffer

  1. It could be worse–they could just sit on all that money. On the other hand, if they give away half their money, but still have, say, at least one billion left, should we admire them for getting by with just that one billion?

  2. We should limit inheritance to $10m – everything else goes back in the pot. I live in LA. I see lots of trustafarians who do virtually nothing. So, let ’em do virtually nothing with less cash.

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