All That’s Left

While trying to pull all my music files into one place, I came across this song. I wrote it a lifetime ago — 1998, I think. I absolutely hate the plodding demo arrangement; it’s not a good key for me, and my vision for it was as an R&B ballad, Aretha style. (Hey, if anyone out there wants to do a new arrangement for me, have at it!)

Here’s the song. Tell me what you think.

5 thoughts on “All That’s Left

  1. I like the song – it’s a real song. I really like your vocal work. You do really nice unexpected things with the melody. And I agree about the piano arrangement.

  2. I like your song and your voice – I hear echos of Lucinda Williams. I think this is the first time you’ve posted your own music – more please!

  3. Nice voice, really, really nice. Oh, my, lovely. And I like the song. Do you still write songs? Sing? Perform?

    You’ve got talent!

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